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Women’s Vs. Men’s Wide Brim Hats-Understanding the Basic Differences

Women's Vs. Men's Wide Brim Hats-Understanding the Basic Differences

The wide brim hat has been a past, present, and future fashion staple. The bowler hat, in particular, is associated with a great number of famous people in history. But did you know there are different types of hats? Yes – men’s wide brim hats and women’s wide brim hats. The width of both types will differ due to their corresponding genders.

When it comes to wearing a hat, men’s hats are most commonly worn. This doesn’t mean that women don’t wear hats, but in general, women’s hats will be smaller and less form fitting than men’s. (You can see both the differences in this picture without even opening your eyes). Many things separate women’s accessories from men’s. Such as how they tend to be more decorative and showy. Take a look at some key hat features and understand how they differ across hats for different genders.

Brim Length

When it comes to the length of the brim, it is pretty consistent across women’s and men’s hats—both average to be about 3 inches. The width of both brims is quite similar in many ways. Understanding how a hat will fit on your head is critical to its effectiveness. A well-fitting hat can keep you away from the sun, rain, and even harsh winds when necessary.


There is a bit more versatility for women’s wide brim hats. Women’s hats will generally have wider brims, and their ornamental similarities will be more conservative. On the other hand, a mens brim hat is more of a sophisticated hat piece. This can be seen in the following picture of the woman wearing a hat.


When it comes to the shape and size of a hat, women’s hats tend to be smaller and simpler than men’s wide brim hats. They also tend to be narrower and more elaborately when comparing their sizes. This can be seen in the following picture of the woman wearing a hat.

Color and Pattern

Women’s wide brim hats also come in various patterns and colors. They tend to have more distinct differences when compared side by side to men’s hats. Women’s hats are often made of more ornamental materials, while men’s hats tend to be sturdier. 

Attachment Type

In general, women’s hats tend to have more intricate attachment methods than men’s. For some types, you will have to purchase bands or rails that would go over your head for your hat to fit securely on your head. In addition, women’s wide brim hats are commonly more decorated with feathers and hat ties. 

On the other hand, hats for men are more simple with a basic design. Most commonly, men prefer hats like a cowboy, while women love stylish pieces like fedoras and Panama.

Depending on what women’s wide brim hat you buy, it is likely that you will get even more style and color with its shape. For example, if a women’s hat is designed for use in and around water, this will be made evident by its shape, size, and color pattern. 

What Variety Should You Choose?

When it comes to summer styling ideas for men, one aspect can’t be missed: the wide-brimmed hat! This headpiece can come in many varieties, but all have the same stellar ability to protect your skin from indiscriminate UV rays. While men and women both have large and small brimmed hats, some of the popular options for ladies include:

  1. Sun hats: These women’s wide-brimmed hats are larger than the average wide brim hat, especially in the front. They can prevent skin damage even in harsh weather conditions such as intense heat or stormy rains.
  2. Original fedora: This is a slightly smaller hat that protects against UV rays from all directions. This variety works well for indoor and outdoor wear. It is also waterproof if you purchase it from a reliable store.

Given the variety of hats available today, it is important to have some guidance before purchasing one. A wide-brimmed hat can help you keep your skin safe from harsh UV rays and even infections if you are exposed to many contaminated substances at work or while on a trip. 

But where do you start when it comes to buying women’s wide-brimmed hats? Many aspects need to be considered before purchasing this.

Final Words

For any woman who loves fashion and especially hats, they should have wide-brimmed hats. But for women who are not so familiar with wearing hats, many things to think about when buying a hat. Regarding the size and type of hat and its care and maintenance, not only. Of course, you can buy this hat and put it on your head without thinking about anything else.

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