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9 Unexpected Jobs You Can Freelance Today

9 Unexpected Jobs You Can Freelance Today
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Nowadays, you can freelance about almost anything you want – the vast and varied sea of opportunities. Surely, the typical freelance careers, like graphic design or content writing, are the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, the reality is that there are countless other gigs one can pursue. In fact, there are professions that you wouldn’t think bring money.

Let’s explore some of the most intriguing and unexpected jobs you can delve into.

1. Personal Shopping Consultant

Suppose there is one thing our consumerist society likes more than shopping — online shopping. Yet, many people feel overwhelmed since there are so many online shops and various products. And sometimes, they miss the guidance of in-store sales associates. 

As a personal shopping consultant, you offer personalized shopping experiences. Your clients can be anyone from a busy executive needing wardrobe updates to someone seeking the perfect birthday gift. Use your knowledge of trends, online stores, and deals to make shopping efficient and enjoyable for your clients.

2. Micro Gigs

If you haven’t heard about micro gigs, here is a small description: they encompass a wide variety of small tasks that can be done quickly. These tasks include completing surveys, testing apps or games, or data entry.

The beauty of micro gigs is that they often take little time, allowing you to complete several in a day. Micro gigs are ideal if you are looking to diversify your income or break the monotony of longer projects.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) Tour Guide

We all know the increased interest revolving around the VR world and experiences. However, some of these experiences could get so immersive that one can get lost easily without guidance.

As a VR tour guide, you could help virtual tourists navigate around digital recreations, historical sites, or even fantasy landscapes. This could be a perfect niche if you’re passionate about travel, history, or storytelling.

4. Sleep Consultant

We wouldn’t exaggerate if we say sleep problems are on the rise. At least 2 out of 3 Americans report less or more sleep than the desired amount during the night. In this condition, you could freelance as a sleep consultant. 

A sleep consultant works with clients to develop habits and routines that foster better sleep. This might involve advising on bedroom design, developing wind-down practices, or recommending specific sleep-promoting products.

5. Remote Team Building Consultant

Companies are always looking for ways to keep their teams cohesive and engaged. Yet, this can be challenging to maintain with the surge in demand to work remotely. 

Here is another vacancy you can freelance for. As a remote team-building consultant, you could design virtual team-building exercises, games, or workshops to help teams bond and collaborate effectively from a distance.

6. Personal Branding Coach

Social media influencers are soaring, and so is their need for personal branding. With personal branding, individuals from all walks of life can craft a robust online presence. 

This is where a personal branding coach comes in. They help clients define their brand, refine their messaging, and navigate the world of social media to get their message across. You could freelance as a personal branding coach if you have a history in marketing, social media management, or any relevant field.

7. Online Dating Profile Consultant

Online dating is the new norm. Nowadays, it’s tough to meet the love of your life in the queues, cafes or libraries. While the concept is prevalent, it’s safe to say that not everyone is adept at presenting themselves in the best light.

As a consultant, you can assist in writing compelling bios, selecting the best photos, or even teaching clients how to engage in online conversations. 

8. Subscription Box Curator

Subscription boxes are a trend that’s here to stay. If you’ve got a passion, be it for gourmet snacks, rare books, or handmade soaps, you can curate and launch a subscription box service. 

This involves sourcing products, packaging, and marketing – all things that can be done freelance.

9. Digital Decluttering Expert

Digital clutter can be as overwhelming as physical clutter. As a digital decluttering expert, you can help clients organize their digital spaces. You can help clear out old files on less tech-savvy clients’ computers or streamline busy individuals’ email inboxes. 

While this is almost similar to being a virtual assistant, you wouldn’t need to vary your responsibilities here.


Consider some of these unexpected roles if you want to step into freelancing. The best part is that the barriers to entry are often low, with passion and expertise being the main requirements. 

These professions not only can be lucrative, but they also allow you to capitalize on your unique skills and passions.

Ombir is an Editor at Active Noon Media. He is an SEO and Writer who has experience of 3 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time doing research on various topics.