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A Century of Magic Unveiled: Insider Tips and Attractions for Disney’s Centenary Celebration

A Century of Magic Unveiled: Insider Tips and Attractions for Disney's Centenary Celebration
Images courtesy of Disney

Disney is well-known and beloved by everyone around the world. Millions of people every year go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland to see the real heart and magic of Disney. All the family will enjoy this experience, as you can witness your favorite characters and beautiful parades. 

At the moment, Disney is celebrating a huge milestone, as it reaches its centenary. As a result, if you are going to Disney World anytime soon, then there are certain attractions you need to see that showcase the true essence of Disney.

In this article discover the attractions and insider tips to be aware of when it comes to tickets and Disney’s centenary celebration.

Disney Is For Everyone

Going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World doesn’t have to be just for kids. While this is a great holiday or day out for the whole family, a lot of adults enjoy going to these places by themselves. It is a great way to immerse yourself in your favorite film worlds and go to amazing attractions.

In addition to this, you can easily spend all day here as there is so much to see and do. From attractions and rides to the delicious food which you can only find at these places. Due to all of this, it cannot be surprising that Disney is still loved 100 years on.

Attractions You Must See

For the centennial celebration, there are certain attractions that you have to see. These attractions capture the spirit of Disney and serve as a testament to the company’s 100 years of constant innovation.

The following are the attractions you have to see:

Haunted Mansion – This is a must-see for a great blend of frightening and fun. This is because of its detailed plot and pure Disney charm.

Space Mountain – Ever since it opened in 1975, this classic attraction has been keeping visitors entertained with its exhilarating ride into space.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – This most recent addition, which debuted in 2019, immerses you in the world of Star Wars, which makes it a must-see for every space traveler.

Cinderella’s Castle – This attraction, a representation of Disney, captures the fairy-tale charm that continues to be a distinguishing feature of Disney. The castle is still in the center of Disney World and marked its 50th anniversary in 2021.

Pirates Of The Caribbean – A thrilling experience that immerses you in the realm of pirates and hidden treasure while honoring the enchantment of Disney’s narrative.

It’s a Small World – A famous ride that personifies Disney’s ambition for the world. Since the New York World’s Fair in 1964, it has been capturing people’s hearts.

Toy Story Land  – This park shrinks guests to the dimensions of a toy for larger-than-life excitement as a celebration of Pixar’s renowned Toy Story series.

Insider Tips For Securing Disney Tickets

There Is no denying that getting those Disney tickets can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Finding a great ticket deal can help add to the excitement of fulfilling your Disney dreams James Collins, the CEO of  CheapoTickets explains that “the thrill of landing that last-minute Disney ticket deal enhances the joy of the Disney experience.”

We have collected a few insider tips on finding those rare last-minute Disney ticket deals to be able to witness everything Disney has to offer during their centenary celebration.

  • Monitor The Disney Website – On occasion, Disney offers tickets at a reduced price on their website.
  • Check with Licensed Resellers – Trustworthy independent resellers frequently offer excellent discounts.
  • Late-night Tickets –  Sometimes, evening entrance is less expensive.
  • Bundle Discounts – Keep an eye out for bundles because buying tickets and lodging together can save you money.
  • Flexibility Is Important – Changing your stay by one or two days can frequently result in lower pricing.
  • Multi-day Passes – Consider purchasing multi-day passes, as they considerably reduce the cost each day.
  • Credit Points – Disney is a possible redemption option for some credit card companies.
  • Membership Discount –  AAA and similar groups frequently offer Disney savings.
  • Discounts For Residents – Residents of Florida and California occasionally qualify for further savings.
  • Does Your Company Offer Discounts –  Check to see if your work provides ticket discounts.

Final Thoughts

Disney is celebrating 100 years and to mark this huge milestone, there are certain attractions that you have to see. These attractions highlight what makes Disney so great. 

We hope you have enjoyed this article. Now you know the top attractions you must see, and you now know all the tips to get those last-minute Disney tickets.