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People And Machines Working In Harmony: How AI Can Be Used To Cut Hospital Wait Times

People And Machines Working In Harmony: How AI Can Be Used To Cut Hospital Wait Times

We currently live in a world, where AI is being implemented in more industries for various reasons. The medical and healthcare industry has suffered over the past couple of years. Hence, professionals such as My BioSource believe that AI could be beneficial.

Research has to be done that shows that AI could be used to test for certain diseases in patients. Thus, this in turn would diagnose more people quicker and cut down waiting times. Which would then provide more time for both patients and doctors. 

Read on to learn how AI can be used to cut hospital waiting times. 

How Can AI Help?

Experts have helped to develop AI technology which uses various methods to detect cancer in certain patients. This is done by using advanced imaging techniques, deep learning, and machine learning. 

As a result of this, AI can assist in the quick detection and faster processes of diagnosing more patients. Which then means more people can then be treated for the form of cancer that they have. 

Diagnosing isn’t the only thing AI technology can be used for, which you will discover further in this article, However, on the whole, AI can help to make the healthcare system much more reliable and accurate. 

The Importance Of Using AI To Treat Cancer Patients

This isn’t something new, AI being used in this way has been going on for a long time. Studies have shown that radiologists are 37% more accurate at locating and diagnosing cancer with the help of these tools. 

A spokesperson from My Bio Source has commented on the inclusion of AI in diagnosing and treatment of cancer patients. They explain that “AI has been utilized to detect abnormalities that may develop into cancer up to 4 years ahead of time.” As a result, people are finding out a lot sooner, which is saving a lot more lives. 

For example, one instance of when AI technology is used is through the use of mammograms. Mammograms that use AI technology can help radiologists make better predictions and offer more precise treatments.

Diseases AI Can Detect

While cancer is the main reason that a lot of people use AI technology, it can be used to detect other illnesses or diseases. It is worth noting that as AI technology advances, we can expect more diseases to be detected with AI

At the moment, the following diseases can be detected using AI technology:

Cardiovascular Disease

ECGs, heart rate variability, and other data can be analyzed by AI to identify heart disorders like myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure. According to a study in Nature Medicine, an AI algorithm should accurately detect irregular heartbeats with a sensitivity and specificity of 99.6% and 99.56%.


The body’s reaction to an infection results in sepsis, a potentially fatal illness. By examining electronic medical records and vital sign data, artificial intelligence has been utilized to anticipate the onset of sepsis.

Diabetic Retinopathy

One of the main causes of blindness in the world is diabetic retinopathy. With great accuracy, AI-based systems can evaluate retinal pictures and find indicators of diabetic retinopathy. 

An AI algorithm detected referable diabetic retinopathy with a sensitivity of 96.8% in a recent study published in JAMA.

Skin Cancer

Dermoscopic photographs of skin lesions have been analyzed using AI to find skin cancers like melanoma. The deep learning algorithm known as Inception v4 was shown to be capable of classifying skin cancer with an accuracy of 96.3%. This is on par with the abilities of skilled dermatologists.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Neuroimaging data (from MRI and PET scans) has been analyzed using AI to find early indications of Alzheimer’s disease. A study in Radiology showed that an AI system could accurately forecast the onset of Alzheimer’s disease around six years before a clinical diagnosis.

Final Thoughts

AI technology is still relatively new to the healthcare industry. However, it is a promising advancement, which can help both doctors and patients. It can cut waiting times, as patients are diagnosed and possibly treated much quicker using AI.

Overall, the early catchment of certain illnesses is vital in offering patients the best chances of recovery and in some cases survival. We can expect to see AI being used a lot more, as AI technology advances.

We hope you have found this article helpful. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of why AI could be used to reduce hospital waiting times.