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Adhura Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More

Adhura Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More
Source: Prime Video

Adhura is an Indian Language horror thriller web series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The conclusion of the first season left room for another season, and it is expected the series may be renewed for season 2. There are many secrets and hidden answers that are to be unveiled in Adhura season 2.

Adhura is an Indian Hindi-language horror thriller web series. It premiered on July 7, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video. It is directed by Ananya Banerjee and Gauravv K. Chawla. The series is produced by Monisha Advani, Nikkhil Advani and Madhu Bhojwani. In this article, you’ll get all the details about Adhura Season 2, including the release date, cast and more.

Will There Be Adhura Season 2?

As of now, there has been no confirmation or denial from the creators of the series. It is expected that the series will be renewed for another season, as the conclusion of the series left room for another season. However, there is no official announcement from the makers of the film.

When Will The Adhura Season 2 Release?

Adhura Season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but there is speculation that it will be released in 2025. The fans are eagerly waiting for this horror thriller to be renewed for another season.

Is Adhura Season 2 Trailer Unveiled?

The Adhura Season 2 trailer hasn’t been unveiled yet, but you can expect it to arrive in late 2024. The official trailer for the first season gave me goosebumps and was spectacular. It gave a glimpse of the series and how the boys were teasing and ragging him. The series delves into the story of a student who turned into a ghost.

The Cast Of Adhura Season 2 Will Be Same?

Adhura Season 2 cast will remain the same, but there are chances of new faces in the forthcoming season. The cast members in the first season were

  • Rasika Duggal as Supriya Ghosh, a counsellor at Nilgiri Public School
  • Ishwak Singh as Adhiraj Jaisingh
  • Shrenik Arora as Vedant
  • Rahul Dev as Officer Bedi
  • Poojan Chhabra as Ninad Raman
  • Zoa Morani as Malvika Seth Jamwal
  • K.C. Shankar as Dean K. C. Swamy
  • Priya Banerjee as Nancy
  • Jaimini Pathak as Chandra Prakash
  • Arjun Deswal as Young Adhiraj
  • Sahil Salathia as Suyash Verma
  • Rijul Ray as Dev Jamwal
  • Aru Krishansh Verma
  • Akanksha Vishwakarma
  • Zabi Shaikh
Adhura Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More
Source: Prime Video

What Will Be The Plot Of Adhura Season 2?

The story in the first season delves into strange occurrences at the Nilgiri Valley School, where a 10-year-old by the name of Vedant is admitted. There is a relationship between an ex-student Adhiraj Jaisingh and Vedant in the series. When they meet, the situation takes terrifying twists and turns, and everyone’s life on campus is at stake. Season 2 of Adhura may delve into secrets and more hidden answers about their lives and spirits.

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Where Can I Watch Adhura Season 2?

You can watch Adhura Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video, and it will require an active subscription to the OTT platform. If you haven’t watched the first season of Adhura, it is also available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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