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All About The Magnate Anupam Mittal 

Anupam Mittal


There have been many different kinds of entrepreneurs who have achieved a lot of success in their lives. But it is equally important to mention that this has not been possible without the extreme amount of hard work that these people have been able to put in. They did not leave even a single opportunity, and the result of the same is something that they enjoy right now. India has been able to witness a lot of these kinds of entrepreneurs over some time.  This has been the most significant kind of achievement which has ever been witnessed. Out of the different kinds of successful people, one of the most important names who has been able to rise to riches from scratch has been Anupam Mittal. 

Anupam Mittal is a self-made Indian Entrepreneur who is the co-founder and marketing chief of He is also the founder and Chief Executive officer of the people group. It is essential to mention that he is India’s most creative Businessman and can impress the audience and investors beyond the different parts of the globe with the help of his diligence and intellect. He is a unique personality who has achieved a lot in his life over time and this is evident from Anupam Mittal’s net worth in rupees. 

Early Life

He was born on 23rd December 1971 in India. He belonged to a middle-class family and completed his education at the most renowned educational institutions, including Boston College. Anupam Mittal has always been born and brought up in Mumbai. He has been married to Anchal Kumar and she is Anupam Mittal wife and is also blessed with one daughter. He has been one of the most successful business persons of the year, and despite being so successful every time, he is always reported to be a grounded human being. 


He is one of the most successful business persons that has been able to bring a tremendous amount of growth to the industry. He loves challenges, which is why he started an internet company, probably when there was no internet in 2005. This has been considered the most significant achievement of his life, and his ability to pull off every challenge is worth mentioning such as Anupam Mittal shark tank roles.

He is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Anupam Mittal is also considered to be the few investors in India who has invested in startups, and the number of startups in which he has invested bypasses 17. He has also launched some established companies like and mods mobile application. Anupam Mittal age is way less than what he has achieved.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was a product manager with micro strategy in 1998. But soon after, he was in a position to realize his potential, which is why he became a self-made business person. Today he has invested in many companies like Ola, and all of this has been highly successful. 

He is considered to be a sharp-minded business person. He has achieved a lot of success in strategy development and future planning. This is one of the most important targets that he has been able to accomplish. He has also been awarded many awards for his flawless performance and success. He has been a successful personality who has achieved much in his life. 

Anupam Mittal

Net worth

When calculating Anupam Mittal net worth in 2022, it is essential to mention that he has achieved a lot in his life to earn a lot. It is evident from the massive level of success that he has been able to achieve over the period. He is not only the founder and developer of essential companies like and the people group but also an active investor in many startup companies. He has also invested in foreign companies that can bring wonders to the country of India. 

It is essential to mention that according to recent sources, the net worth of Anupam Mittal is more than 15000 crores. This amount of net worth includes not only the profit from these companies and the invested Ventures but also, at the same time, includes the investment that he has made on his front in stock markets and mutual funds, including cryptocurrency. 

This vast network probably makes him the most successful Businessman under the age of 40. This amount of net worth is possible only due to the extreme amount of hard work he has put into his work. He is a unique personality who has been able to leave an imprint wherever he goes. He is also considered the best investor, and it is only because of these inputs that many startup companies have performed wonders over time. How much is Anupam Mittal net worth, needs to be evaluated. 

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Sources of income

As already mentioned, those with outstanding personalities have a single source of income and many scoops of income. It is essential to mention in the first place that he is smart enough to multiply this source of income over the period. 

He has always been responsible for making the best possible investment, due to which his net worth and income have only increased over the period. This means that Anupam Mittal salary depends not only on what he gets as chief executive officer of but much more beyond that. He is brilliant, calculative, and considered one of the most deserving business persons. 


It can be concluded that he is one of the most famous and unique personalities who has achieved a lot in his life. He is responsible for bringing the best and acting as an example in front of the whole world. 

His story of success has inspired many people, and this is the best type of factor that has to be considered over the period. He has always been an amazing person and will continue to be a fantastic person as well. Anupam Mittal has also appeared in the recent Shark Tank reality show, where he invested a lot in start-ups to promote them. Mittal is one of the most extraordinary personalities who has achieved all of the success on his own