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Everything To Know About Ashneer Grover’s Net Worth

Ashneer Grover


India has witnessed the rise of several entrepreneurs in the last two decades. The country offers outstanding opportunities to many, ensuring they can establish their own business and succeed in their career. Several entrepreneurs have even taken their businesses to the global level and are now known to be some of the top business giants. One such entrepreneur who recently came into the limelight through the newly launched Shark Tank India is Ashneer Grover. 

Ashneer Grover gained popularity due to his unique way of asking questions to the participants of Shark Tank India and the remarks he left on each case. Apart from this, he also came to highlight due to his business and co-establishment, BharatPe. He made the headlines a couple of months ago and remained in the news for three to five weeks. Read this Ashneer Grover biography to know further about this personality.

Early Life and Family

Born in July 1982, Ashneer Grover is 39 and based in Delhi. From his birth to his schooling, everything was in Delhi itself. His father was a chartered accountant, while his mother taught at a school. After their education, he joined the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi for civil engineering. He ranked during his graduation and was one of the six students who got a scholarship to study at a French university further as a part of a student exchange program. 

After studying in France, he came to India and completed his master of Business Administration in 2006. According to Ashneer Grover’s wiki page, He has a rich educational background, and perhaps that’s why he has been able to live up to the expectations of his parents and employers. His career path is quite inspiring and motivational for every aspiring entrepreneur of the current time.

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Start of the career journey

After Ashneer Grover’s education was completed in 2006, he was selected as Kotak’s vice president. He worked there for a long time, after which he joined American Express in 2013. He served his period for two years and then joined Grofers as the CFO or Chief Financial Officer. His career is not as versatile as graduates from IIM, but he worked at the top companies in the world. His positions and job designations were also top of the class, all thanks to his zeal and passion for his job.

Entrepreneurship and the beginning of a new phase

Ashneer Grover had a lookout for something unique, and that’s why he left his job at Grofers after working there for a couple of years. He then joined the OPC Jewelers after having several meetings with the investors and businesspeople. He joined in the position of business head. 

Ashneer suddenly developed the idea of having something independently during his work there. He wanted to create something that could ease the methods of transactions. This is why he started BharatPe, which is nothing but India’s first personal online finance app for everyone. This step changed his life entirely and made the net worth of Ashneer Grover higher than other entrepreneurs he competes with. 

Ashneer Grover: CEO of BharatPay

Before learning how much Ashneer Grover net worth is, let’s look at his establishment, BharatPe. He and Bhavik Koladiya and Shashvat Nakani developed India’s first payment application in 2018. It brought great fame to Ashneer and opened a new way of doing something on their own. In one of his interviews, he revealed how he started this journey with just six employees. 

Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover net worth and salary

Ashneer Grover’s net worth in 2022 is approximately $92.5 million. He has earned a lot of reputation as the CEO of BharatPe, and since then, his economic condition has been on the rise. Even after he left the company he founded, his net worth hasn’t faltered. According to the latest news, he has invested INR 200 crores in his own company, named the Third Unicorn, and is planning to establish it on the international market directly. 

Seeing how rich he is, Ashneer Grover’s salary is probably in hundred thousand dollars every year. He draws his salary from his stocks in BharatPe and all his investments in Shark Tank India. 

Ashneer Grover source of income 

After knowing what is Ashneer Grover’s net worth, you might be wondering what his income sources are. To begin with, he has earned a lot from his jobs in Kotak, American Express, and so on. Later on, when he started BharatPe, Ashneer Grover assets skyrocketed. He also earns from Shark Tank India and the investments he has made. 


With such a high Ashneer Grover net worth in rupees, it is evident how rich he is. News had he is the wealthiest shark as of now, even though he is accompanied by some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in India. In one of his interviews, he said how his wife supported him through thick and thin, ensuring he could achieve the goals he decided and the dreams he once envisioned.