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The Net Worth Of Virat Kohli: India’s Pride And Treasure

The Net Worth Of Virat Kohli: India's Pride And Treasure


From children to elders, almost every single person knows who Virat Kohli is. Considered India’s pride, he has proved himself as one of the most successful cricketers who paved the way towards success by himself. His excellent performance on the field, sharp intelligence, captaincy, and zeal to win the matches and take India towards victory are some significant attributes that define him so well. 

Unlike other players, Virat Kohli witnessed success at an early age, which is why he is regarded and respected worldwide. Cricketers, fans, and even the cricket associations of other countries have appreciated his captaincy and playing style. Known to be a worldwide heartthrob, it is no wonder Kohli’s net worth has skyrocketed to such an enormous value. 

Early Life and Family

Virat Kohli was born in 1988 to a Punjabi family in Delhi. His father had a profession as a criminal lawyer, whereas his mother was a simple homemaker. When he was nine years of age, he played his first match through the West Delhi Cricket Academy in1998. He was trained by one of the best coaches at that time, Rajkumar Sharma. However, although his practice was going in the right direction, the infrastructure wasn’t something he wasn’t fond of. That’s why he decided to shift to a new place where he can continue his passion for cricket. 

The Net Worth Of Virat Kohli: India's Pride And Treasure

Start of the cricket journey

Virat Kohli started playing in the under-15 team and then moved to the under-17 squad for Delhi. He became one of the best players by scoring 757 runs in the Vijay Merchant trophy match. In 2006, he was chosen for the Indian cricket team for under-19 players during the England tour. This was his first breakthrough that ensured a promising career in the future. His debut in T20s was in 2007 when he played in the Interstate T20 Championship and scored a complete run of 244. It included two centuries and a half-century. 

In 2008, he was selected to be a part of India’s cricket team. His sudden inclusion surprised the entire country and other people supporting the Indian team worldwide. Later on in his career, he found several opportunities where he showed his true sportsmanship. It happened during Yuvraj’s back out from the team due to his finger injury and Sachin’s rest. 

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Successive milestones as a cricketer

To understand the reason behind the ginormous Virat Kohli’s net worth in rupees, you need to know how he consistently achieved milestones in his Cricket career without help. Whenever any opportunity came, he grabbed and tried hard to live up to it. On the field, he has always given his 200%; perhaps, that’s why he is one of their most famous cricketers. 

Some of the major turning points of his career as an Indian cricketer are: 

  1. One of the main achievements of Virat Kohli was during the five-day test match series in Adelaide against Australia. He was made captain, and players continued to make boundaries under his aggressive rules. Although India lost, it proved how a new era was about to begin.
  2. In 2016, Kohli and Dhoni formed a partnership to make India win in the semi-finals against unbeatable Australia. Luckily, their collaboration and strategic mind paid off. 
  3. During the Johannesburg test match in South Africa, Virat Kohli showed spirit and proper form as the captain when he led the Indian team to victory in one of the SENA countries. 
  4. In 2019, Kohli set a new record of maximum double-centuries in a test match by an Indian. His score surpassed that of Tendulkar and Sehwag. 
  5. He is the fastest player to reach the mark of 15,000 runs in international matches, creating another milestone for himself. 
  6. He has received Padma Shri, Arjuna Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Sir Garfield Sobers Award, and many more during his entire career as an Indian cricketer for his outstanding performance. 

Virat Kohli’s net worth and salary

Virat Kohli net worth 2022 is approximated to be around $127 million. It rose from $95 million as reported in 2020 and $65 million in 2018. Over the years, his career has witnessed massive growth, and it is due to this reason his net worth has increased so far. If his net worth is so high, then you can imagine how high Virat Kohli salary is going to be. According to certain assumptions, he earns approximately more than INR 10 lakhs monthly and more than a crore yearly. Perhaps that’s why he has invested in many things, and his assets are outstanding and mind-boggling. 

The Net Worth Of Virat Kohli: India's Pride And Treasure

Virat Kohli source of income 

To understand why the net worth of Virat Kohli is so high, we would have to look further into his income. Over the years, his income slab has increased dramatically; at specific points, his salaries have made historical records. This section below speaks of his income sources and how much he earns from them.


Virat Kohli belongs to the A+ category of the BCCI salary range, which is why he earns approximately INR 7 crores per year. In addition to this fixed salary, he makes according to the matches he plays. For instance:

  1. Test Match is worth INR 15 lakhs 
  2. ODIs are worth INR 6 lakhs
  3. INR 3 lakhs is paid for appearing and playing a match in INR 3 lakhs

The Indian Premier League is one of the significant sources of Virat Kohli’s income because of his contributions to increasing the overall brand value.

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In addition to cricket, Virat Kohli also earns endorsements. From brand deals, his rating is about INR 17 crores. He charges INR 2 crores per endorsement shoot, which is one of the highest, according to recent reports. Aside from being a brand ambassador of MPL, Kohli has worked with several other brands like Pepsi, head N Shoulders, Godrej, Nestle India, Fastrack, and so on.


Whether we talk about Virat Kohli assets or his investments, this cricketer is one of the richest in the world. He has already reached the zenith of his career. After retiring from the Indian cricket team’s captain position, he focuses on other involvements like endorsement shoots, restaurants, cafes, and his love wife, Anushka Sharma, and their daughter.

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