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All You Need to Know About ICICI Net banking And Timings

All You Need to Know About ICICI Bank Net banking And Timings

ICICI Net Banking provides a simple, convenient and 100 percent secure way to carry out a wide range of Banking transactions. An account holder can have access to numerous features of ICICI Net Banking that enables them to save a lot of time and to avoid unwanted delays.

How to activate ICICI Net banking

An account holder shall opt for ICICI Net banking to carry out the banking transactions from anywhere:

1. While opening ICICI bank account online

Step 1: Go to the ICICI bank’s official website and then click on the tab “New user”. 

Step 2: While opening the bank account, ICICI net banking User ID shall be used.

Step 3: Next, to generate the password, click on “I want my password”.

Step 4: Once the password gets generated , login using User ID and the password.

2. While opening ICICI bank account offline

Step 1: ICICI net banking User ID shall be used along with temporary password provided in the welcome kit.

Step 2: Go to the ICICI bank’s official website and then click on the tab “Login” to enter the User ID and the password. 

How to login ICICI Net Banking

Step 1 – Visit the official website of ICICI Net Banking portal
Step 2 – Enter the login ID and password.
Step 3 – Click on the tab “Login” to get access to ICICI Net Banking.

How to register for ICICI Internet Banking

Step 1 – Open the official website of ICICI net banking portal
Step 2 – Click on the tab “Personal Banking” after logging in.
Step 3 – To initiate the registration process click the option “Get User ID” and then click on “Click here to proceed”.
Step 4 – To get the user ID, enter the bank account number along with the registered mobile number, and then click on “Go”.
Step 5 – After receiving a system generated User ID, click on login page once again and then click on “Generate Password”.
Step 6 – After clicking on “Click here to proceed”, enter the user ID and again click on “Go”.
Step 7 – Enter the registered mobile number to receive OTP.
Step 8 – Now, system will generate a password with the help of which one can have access to ICICI net banking services.

Advantages to ICICI Net banking:

  1. Superior user interface and navigation
  2. Personalisation and customization
  3. Differentiated experience by customer segment
  4. Simplified transaction process
  5. Advanced level of security

Net banking allows access to all the services sitting at home, but if an account holder wishes to visit the bank to avail the same he has to adhere to the ICICI bank timings which are as mentioned below:

ICICI Bank Timings

ICICI net banking services can be availed by its customers conveniently sitting at home with the help of internet without even wondering about the ICICI Bank timings as these services are available 24*7 to the customers

But, post lockdown, ICICI bank timings are from 09:30 am till 03:00 pm from Monday to Saturday (except for the second & the fourth Saturdays).

ICICI Bank Timings on Monday to Friday09:30 am to 03:00 pm
ICICI Bank Timings on SundayBank Closed
ICICI Bank Timings on Second and Fourth Saturday Bank Closed 
ICICI Bank Timings on First, Third and Fifth Saturday09:30 am to 03:00 pm

ICICI Bank NEFT Timings

ICICI NEFT Timings (Weekdays) 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM
ICICI NEFT Timings (Working Saturdays)09:30 AM to 04:00 PM

ICICI Bank RTGS Timings

As per the guidelines of RBI, RTGS (Real time gross settlement) is made available to an account holder 24*7.

How to transfer Funds via ICICI Net banking

Funds Transfer is an event that leads to movement of funds from the remitter to the beneficiary i.e. remittance of funds from one party to either itself or to another party with the help of banking system.

On the other hand, Electronic Funds transfer (EFT) is an electronic transfer of money from one bank account to the other either within same bank or across different banks with the help of computers or mobile phones without bank’s intervention.

Below mentioned are the steps to transfer funds via ICICI Net banking:

  • Firstly, login into ICICI Net banking with the help of either your laptop or mobile.
  • Go to the tab “Payments & Transfer and then select “Funds Transfer”.
  • Next, click on “Transfer Now” and then select the bank account from which the money is to be transferred.
  • Also, select the beneficiary account to which money is to be transferred.
  • Now, select the transfer type, i.e. IMPS, RTGS or NEFT and enter the details like amount to be transferred, date of transaction etc.
  • After clicking on “Next”, a screen with all the transaction details will appear for verification.
  • Post verification click on “Submit” to complete the transaction.

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Transaction Limit on Funds Transfer

Transaction TypeMinimum Transaction AmountMaximum Transaction Amount
IMPS (IFSC and Account Number)INR 1INR 2,00,000
IMPS (MMID and Mobile number)INR 1INR 10,000
RTGSINR 2,00,000INR 10,00,000
NEFTINR 1INR 10,00,000

Charges Applicable on Funds Transfer

Transaction AmountIMPSNEFTRTGS
<10,000INR 5 + GSTINR 2.5 + GSTNot Applicable
INR 10,000 – INR 1,00,000INR 5 + GSTINR 5 + GSTNot Applicable
INR1,00,000 – INR 2,00,000INR 15 + GSTINR 15 + GSTNot Applicable
INR 2,00,000 – INR 5,00,000Not ApplicableINR 25 + GSTINR 5 + GST
INR 5,00,000 – INR 10,00,000Not ApplicableINR 25 + GSTINR 5 + GST


What are the different ways of checking ICICI bank balance?

The different ways to check ICICI bank balance are as mentioned below:

  • ICICI Account bank balance check via Missed call banking
  • ICICI Account bank balance check via SMS banking
  • ICICI Account bank balance check ICICI net banking
  • ICICI Account bank balance check via Mobile banking
  • ICICI Account bank balance check by visiting ATM
  • ICICI Account bank balance check by getting ICICI bank passbook updated
  • ICICI Account bank balance check by calling ICICI bank customer care no
  • ICICI Account bank balance check via UPI.

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