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Best Attacker TV Alternatives For Seamless Movie Streaming

Is Attacker TV Not Working? Try These Alternatives Instead
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The Internet has an abundant number of sites online for free entertainment. The article discusses Attacker TV, its features, and how to use it. Alongside, we have given a brief overview of the safety and legality factors of the site. A number of Attacker TV alternatives are also discussed.

Do you also wish to watch the latest movies and series online? Well, who doesn’t? However, not every entertainment enthusiast gets the opportunity to enjoy freshly released titles. This is because the price of paid streaming services, whether it is Netflix, ZEE5, or SonyLIV, has all been touching the skies. Here comes the need for free entertainment platforms online. In this article, we explore the features of one such platform, called Attacker TV. For those unable to access it, we also mention some of the best Attacker TV alternatives. 

What is Attacker TV?

Think of it as heaven for people who think paying for movies is not worth it. Who would not desire a platform that offers the highest quality content, too, with guaranteed zero ads? You get the gist; Attacker TV is one such platform. In recent years, it has emerged as a mood-saver for people. They can watch the latest releases from the comfort of their homes.

Features of Attacker TV:

  • It lets you watch movies without a mandatory registration or sign-up process.
  • Users are offered a massive collection of movies and series. The website claims the number to be over 10,000.
  • Attacker TV claims to support zero ads on the platform.
  • It also has a full-fledged mobile app for Android users.
  • Lastly, if you wish to stream content at a location with a poor internet connection, Attacker TV has got your back. You can download entire movies offline for watching later.

Does Attacker TV have safety concerns?

We have concluded after thorough research that the safety of Attacker TV is entirely questionable. Its WHOIS registration, which basically stands for ‘Who is responsible for this domain name?’ states it was registered on 2019-08-03. Even though it serves the purpose of providing free entertainment, Attacker TV is a red flag. Thus, we recommend you not use this platform, just for a few minutes of joy.

First of all, Attacker TV clearly states, “ does not store any files on our server; we are only linked to the media, which is hosted on 3rd party services.” This means that they do not host copyrighted content directly but take help from third-party platforms. Nonetheless, it all depends on the jurisdiction over your region. But, Attacker TV is definitely in a legal gray area. 

How do I use Attacker TV?

  1. Go to your search engine or browser.
  2. Open Attacker TV through this link.
  3. Stream your favorite movies and series easily.
  4. If the link does not open, and it might not, enable a VPN on your browser.
  5. This will help you browse through the site.
  6. Lastly, you can also download its Android app, which has Chromecast support. Here’s the link for the same.

Is there a need for Attacker TV alternatives?

Users have reported problems with server status and that they were unable to connect to the website. If the problem persists for a longer period of time, you might need another option. So, some of the best Attacker TV alternatives are explored below.

1. Goku


There have been many sites with the same name that have been taken down for copyright violations. Goku is a mobile app that is highly loved among movie enthusiasts. Whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood content, aims to offer a disturbance-free experience. 

Pricing: Their website states that goku.tu is free of charge.

Features of Goku:

  • Users can download movies from goku.tu for free.
  • It hosts content from popular streamers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Many love its ad-free navigation feature.
  • There is no hectic registration or sign-up process.

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2. Thop TV


Internet users have been arguing for a long time about this Indian app. Its fanbase is not just from India; people all over the world love this app. However, Thop TV, like other similar platforms, might direct you to external sites. Its website states, “While we strive to provide only quality links to useful and ethical websites, we have no control over the content and nature of these sites.”

Pricing: The Thop TV app is free to download and use.

Features of Thop TV:

  • The function of offline streaming is available.
  • One can use this app on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Users get access to free on-demand and live content.
  • Lastly, you can also pause and reverse the live broadcasts on Thop TV.

3. Pikashow


Last but not least, Pikashow is another similar app for streaming free movies and shows. The titles, contrary to what you might think, are not at all limited. Its huge collection covers fans’ favorites from Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and Tollywood.

Pricing: The Pikashow app is free for viewers’ use.

Features of Pikashow:

  • Viewers can adjust the video and audio quality while streaming.
  • Pikashow allows you to add subtitles to any video that you want to watch for free.
  • You can also customize the playback speed of videos.
  • Apart from being compatible with iOS and Android devices, Pikashow can be used on PCs.


In essence, the above-listed features are some of the most intriguing features of Attacker TV. We have also discussed a few Attacker TV alternatives that one can try for fun online. Nevertheless, their legality and safety are some things to check first.

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