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Beastars Season 3: Release Date, Story, Trailer, & More

Beastars Season 3: Release Date, Story, Trailer, & More

Get ready for a wild ride as Beastars returns with an anticipated release of season 3 in 2024. Here is all the information we have uncovered about what’s to come in this exciting new installment.

In 2024 the anthropomorphic animated saga will return with its third and final season.

After the teaser about Beastars’ renewal on December 22, 2021, fans of this Netflix anime are desperate for updates.

With a picture of protagonist Legoshi wagging his tail, the announcements are sure to move all Beastars fans.

If you’re eager to find out about the upcoming season of Beastars, then look no further. Here’s a complete overview of what we know so far about Season 3.

Beastars Season 3: Release Date

On September 7, 2022, Beasters fans were elated when an official announcement was made through the show’s website. It said that its final season would release on Netflix in 2024.

The show was jointly announced by the official Twitter accounts of both Studio Orange and Netflix Anime, confirmation was provided in the 41st issue of Weekly Shounen Champion.

Sharp-eyed fans were quick to observe the new words on Netflix Japan Anime’s website, as well as its post specifically mentioning that “BEASTARS: Final Season is scheduled to be exclusively distributed worldwide.”

Studio Orange and Netflix Anime made the news public via their official Twitter accounts. It was subsequently backed up by an additional announcement in Weekly Shounen Champion’s 41st issue. 

Orange’s original production team, headed by director Shinichi Matsumi and scriptwriter Nanami Higuchi, guarantee the same level of CGI excellence and narrative quality. 

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Beastars Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, fans of Beastars have to wait for the official trailer for Beasters Season 3.

The Story of Beastars 

Legoshi lives in a civilized world of animals. This introverted gray wolf goes to Cherryton Academy and is a drama club member. He embarks on his captivating journey to maturity in this entrancing coming-of-age story.

During the school days, the deep-rooted animosity between carnivorous and herbivore creatures reached its peak. Legoshi’s friend, Tem the alpaca, gets murdered and eaten in the dead of night.

Legoshi was forced to deal with the overwhelming anxiety surrounding Tem’s death. He also struggles with his confusing and conflicting emotions for Haru, a dwarf rabbit. 

What Can We Expect from Beastars Season 3?

Orange’s animators have an array of work ahead of them. The manga provides a lot of source material from which Beasters is made.

With 196 chapters, the first two seasons finished nearly half of them. To satisfy fans, almost an identical amount must be covered to fulfill their anticipation.

Completing the story, readers will witness Interspecies Relations (Chapters 100-123) and Revenge of the Love Failure (Chapters 124-196). These are the two monumental arcs that promise to entertain them until the very end.

As the final season begins, Legoshi will be forced to face the repercussions of his fierce duel with Riz. He would come to know that he was responsible for Tem’s death. Legoshi now must now struggle with what it truly means to accept and embrace his predatory nature.

Now fans are left wondering how Orange will handle the length of the remaining story, given its immense size.

Many fans are concerned that the production studio will make their way through too much material to fit the last season into a mere 12-episode run.

Most people anticipated a two-cour installment of Beastars, leading to 24 episodes. Some even wanted the beloved series to end with a movie finale.

Regardless of Orange’s decisions, Beasters fans will remain passionate and loyal.

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