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Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows

Video Editing is the process of managing, organising, and editing video shots or clips, images with songs in a synchronised manner that portrays a story or a scene. It provides all the video information for the viewers. Video editing is a major part of the film industry and for all the creators who love videography and visual design. It enhances user skills and helps in business, creating professional content, marketing, advertisements, films, vlogging, and many more.

Many applications and software are variedly used for video editing purposes and others. This software includes special features that manipulate the sequence, timing, speed, and Audio of the video clips and content according to the users’ requirements. Special effects, transitions, and filters can also be added to the images and videos, improving the content quality overall.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software for Windows:

Good quality editing software can easily attract audiences to use their products and services for Hassle-free video and image editing. The best free Windows software for video editing, creating video content, and vlogging are: 

1. OpenShot

This award-winning software and tools for video editing can be used in Windows, Linux, and MAC. It comes with trimming, resizing, cropping, sound adjustment, and drag-and-drop tools. This easy-to-use software is perfect for short video content and has advanced features like 3D Animation, chroma key function, and many more. It is perfect for beginners and useful for the editing professionals.

2. ShotCut

This software is an open-source video editor and is ideal for beginners in filmmaking. It has many useful features and formats for filmmaking and does not include watermarks. The unique features let us, the users make customized video scenes easily and efficiently. This software is compatible with Windows and MAC.


One of the most popular video editing software for beginners and marketing professionals. This software consists of various tools that meet the users’ requirements to create quality content and demo videos for any product, ads, or marketing purposes. It provides quality editing and high-resolution results. Without leaving any watermark, this free software is compatible with Windows.

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4. PowerDirector Essential

As of 2023, this video editing software is the easiest to use and lets users make high-quality videos and content immediately. Composed of a simple interface and easy-to-use features, like colour grading, AI motion tracking, basic video editing, speed adjusting, and many more. It has both simple and advanced features, perfect for beginners in video editing.

5. DaVinci Resolve

This professional-level video editing software is also ideal for filmmaking. It allows the users to input many video clips, images, and Audio and edit them more precisely with the tools that enhance each detail. The features include mixing and adding layers of Audio, multicam editing, AI magic mask, Animation, and high-quality visual effects. Compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux.

6. Blender

This software is best for creating amazing video content and smooth editing and is best for Animation. Apart from basic editing features, it includes Advanced motion graphics, visual effects, masking tools, and audio adjustment tools. The tools provided in this software create a smooth and perfect video transition that looks surreal. This software is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux.

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7. VideoPad

A very easy-to-use editing platform suitable for beginners and video editing learners. It has basic editing and navigation features and can share the edited videos or content to social media directly. The special features include Chroma key, 3D editing, Audio and visual effects, and 360-Degree editing. Compatible with Windows and MAC.

8. HitFilm Express

This software has advanced settings for video editing. Perfect for creating video content for YouTube, Music videos, short documentaries, and films. It uses 3D Animation, visual effects, audio mixing, professional motion tracking, colour picking, and auto stabilizer for smooth editing, composite shots, and other useful features. This software is compatible with MAC and Windows.

9. Magix Movie Studio

This software provides various tools and features suitable for beginners and experts. The tools enhance the users’ skills and consist of a guiding manual for easy learning and hassle-free editing. The software is perfect for creating excellent video collages and short content that can be directly uploaded to social media platforms. This software is only compatible with Windows and does not contain watermarks.

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10. Windows Video Editor

The editor is compatible with Windows and comes pre-installed in the applications section of Windows 10, Windows 11, and later updated devices. It is best for beginners and includes basic video editing features and a simple interface making it perfect for all skill levels of users. This software also creates quality and best slideshows, animations, and transitions. Visual effects and audio adjustment tools. 

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