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YouTube Vanced Alternatives: 7 Applications You Can Try For Free

YouTube Vanced Alternatives: 7 Applications You Can Try For Free

YouTube Vanced, formerly iYTBP, was a modified third-party YouTube application that functioned for Android and came with an in-built ad-blocker. With YouTube Vanced, you could use its distinctive features, including SponsorBlock, background play, and free picture-in-picture (PiP), without paying a penny.

However, four years after its release, the app became non-functional without any further updates, and many users started migrating to other platforms for similar services. If you are also looking for a similar experience and features as YouTube Vanced, you should look closer at the following alternatives we have found for you:

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced, released on February 21, 2017, initially named iYTBP (abbreviated as Injected YouTube Background Playback), has served as a modified version of YouTube and came with a complete ad-blocker. Downloaded and updated via the Vanced Manager using the pre-built APK files, the application received millions of downloads owing to coveted features like ad-blocking options.

Nevertheless, after running for almost five years, the application received a cease and desist letter from Google, following which YouTube Vanced was shut down. However, the app continued to function till April 2023, when the core playback function was rendered non-functional without any further notification from the app.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe/Legal?

Although YouTube Vanced turned out to be the best platform with free and ad-free features like YouTube, it was shut down owing to “legal reasons.” As per an update from The Verge, the app shut down in 2022 and worked fine for pre-installed versions until 2024, when they became outdated.

7 Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced to Look Out in 2024

1. YouTube Premium

Launched in 2014 by YouTube itself, this premium subscription to the video-sharing platform offers several features. The list includes ad-blocking, background playback, and more.

However, YouTube Premium comes with a monthly subscription that varies globally. Hence, this is the prime reason why users constantly search for an alternative to YouTube or YouTube Vanced.

2. YouTube ReVanced

A modified version of YouTube, YouTube ReVanced brings features for Android devices like ad-blocking, background playback, pinch-to-zoom for videos, and more. With a similar dark-mode option, like YouTube Vanced, this application is called out as the best alternative.

Nevertheless, you can download YouTube Revanced through a third-party application, not from the Play Store.

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3. NewPipe

Similar to YouTube’s functionality, however, with no annoying ads and questionable permissions, NewPipe is among the six best alternatives to YouTube Vanced. Although the app came to work in 2015, it gained popularity after the shutting down of YouTube Vanced.

To download NewPipe, you have to add their custom repo to F-Droid and install it from there. For a better understanding, read their instructions for a hassle-free installation.

4. SkyTube

Another preferred application is SkyTube, which additionally allows you to manage your YouTube content, including blocking or allowing specific channels. With no premium subscription, this offers features like ad-blocking, restricting highly disliked videos, and customised swipe controls for a better experience. Moreover, Skytube has been translated into many languages. Hence, it has a better user experience and can be used on Android or desktops. With such features, SkyTube is counted as one of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives for PC.

5. LibreTube

A privacy-friendly open-sourced app like “YouTube Vanced” LibreTube serves various users who are looking for an alternative to YouTube. Licensed under GPL 3.0, you can download and use it without any restrictions. Although it does not allow you to connect YouTube accounts, you can import and export your existing subscriptions for better accountability.

Hence, if you are constantly searching for “YouTube Vanced Update,” you can prefer this as the best alternative to YouTube.

6. Go-Tube

Ranked among the “Top 6 Alternatives to YouTube Vanced in 2024,” Go-Tube serves a unique user interface with a blue-accented appearance. So, if you are bored with YouTube’s years-long UI, you can try this application.

Another feature is that you can conveniently link your Google account with Go-Tube.

7. SmartTube

If you are searching for an alternative to “YouTube Vanced for Android TV,” SmartTube can be the best option for you. Specifically designed for smart televisions, this application offers a resolution of 8K and is controllable with your TV remote. Additionally, you can cast videos from your phone and use your device for media playback.

Moreover, unlike YouTube Premium, SmartTube comes with free access; however, the application features a donation link to help the creator.


While YouTube Vanced was undoubtedly a powerful application, it was banned following legal issues. Meanwhile, it is always a good idea to explore other options that best fit your needs and preferences. If used well, the above-mentioned alternatives can perform countless time-consuming activities, like ad-blocking options, background playback, and so on.

To sum up, users should take advantage of these latest alternatives to YouTube Vanced for a seamless experience. 

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