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Bhushan Kumar Net Worth 2022 – Lesser Known Facts!

Bhushan Kumar Net Worth 2022 - Lesser Known Facts!

Bhushan Kumar comes from a highly wealthy and successful family. He took over running the family firm at a young age, and it’s amazing how hard he worked to grow it. He has acquired a net worth of 50 million, or Bhushan Kumar net worth in rupees is 350 crores. Let’s discuss his personal life, biography, career, and more. 

Who is Bhushan Kumar? – Biography 

November 27, 1977, is Bhushan Kumar Dua’s birth date; born in Delhi, India. The age of Bhushan Kumar is 44. Gulshan Kumar, the creator of the T-series, was his father. However, some terrorists cruelly murdered Gulshan Kumar. While he was in their car, his father was shot to death. The family experienced a frightening event at that time. Bhushan Kumar grew up in a respectable family with his siblings.

Regarding Bhushan Kumar’s education, nothing is mentioned. He still needs to make disclosures. He leads a very public and prosperous life but maintains many hidden details. Bhushan Kumar is a fantastic music producer, and the business has expanded so much due to his keen business sense.

Bhushan Kumar Net Worth 2022 - Lesser Known Facts!

Personal Information

He is a married man. He is wed to the wonderful singer Divya Khosla Kumar. They work well together as a team and have greatly helped each other in their projects. In 2011, Bhushan Kumar also had a child. He has a very pleasant and successful personal life. They have been married to one another since 2005, and up until that point, they haven’t displayed any signs of discontent in their relationship.

T-Series, Bollywood’s biggest music production house, is incredibly prosperous and well-liked. The majority of Bollywood albums and songs are T-series recordings. Acting and singing are a part of his entire family’s heritage. His spouse and siblings are both actors and singers.

Bhushan Kumar has also been part of several controversies. A lady made an allegation of sexual harassment against him. He had many problems as a result, and his character suffered greatly. Nevertheless, he was found innocent, and nothing has happened recently. He was also accused of doing tax fraud in 2018.

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What is Bhushan Kumar net worth in 2022?

Almost 50 million, or 350 crore rupees INR, is the estimated value of Bhushan Kumar’s net worth. Indian music and film producer Bhushan Kumar is a popular name in his country. He is well-known for making money by producing music and movies. He is known for producing popular Bollywood movies like Tum Bin, Bhool Bhulaiya, Patiala House, Ready, and numerous others.

Bhushan Kumar Career

Bhushan Kumar took over as chairman and CEO of the T-series just at the young age of 19 after the passing of his father, Gulshan Kumar. The business’s diversity was significantly increased, and it greatly increased its activity in several fields. 

He elevated the business to a position as one of the major producers of music worldwide. He also increased the reach of his company abroad. Bhushan Kumar also has a highly successful career as a filmmaker. He has already created numerous films, most of which have been huge hits.

The list of honors and accomplishments that Bhushan Kumar has received is considerable. As a film and music producer, he has created several of the most incredible works.

Several honors have been awarded to Bhushan Kumar, including the IIFA Award in 2018 for the movie Tumhari Sulu and the Mirchi Music Award in 2019 for the song Nit Khair Manga from the movie Raid that was remade. In 2021, Thappad, also one of his films, won the Filmfare awards. Numerous additional movies have also been recognized.

Bhushan Kumar Net Worth 2022 - Lesser Known Facts!

Bhushan Kumar’s salary or monthly income

His yearly pay is rumored to exceed 3 crore Indian rupees. Film and music production are his primary sources of income. Bhushan Kumar earns about 35 crores per year. 

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Bhushan Kumar assets in 2022

In Mumbai’s Juhu area, Bhushan Kumar recently bought a home. The property is enormous and costs roughly INR 167.50 crore.

A lot of cars are in Bhushan Kumar’s collection. In addition to several other high-end automobiles, he owns a Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder, a Mercedes-Maybach S500, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and more.


1. How much is Bhushan Kumar’s net worth?

An estimated 35 crores are earned by Bhushan Kumar annually. Bhushan Kumar has a net worth of more than 50 million dollars, making his net worth in Indian rupees more than 350 crores.

2. What are Bhushan Kumar’s birthdays and ages in 2022?

Bhushan Kumar’s birthday was on November 27, 1977. His age will be 44 years old in 2022.

3. Who are there in the Bhushan Kumar family?

The father of Bhushan Kumar is Gulshan Kumar. His wife, Divya Khosla Kumar, is his spouse. He is Tulsi Kumar’s brother, an Indian background singer for Bollywood movies. He lives with his sisters, wife, and their son Ruhaan Kumar.

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