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A Brief Look into Sunil Shetty’s Net Worth

A Brief Look into Sunil Shetty's Net Worth

Many celebrities impress us with their skills, talent or human deeds. One such human is Indian actor Sunil V Shetty. To the answer of Who is Sunil Shetty?, he is an Indian Bollywood and South Indian Actor. Along with that, he also produces films. Shetty is well known as “anna”, a south Indian term for brother.  

Sunil started his Bollywood career in 1992 with a film named Balwaan. The audiences liked this, but upcoming movies won his love at the box office. From 1994 to 2003, many of his performances were critically applauded. 

He has done action-oriented films, also called “anna”.   He has performed many roles, including villain, action-oriented, comedy and different genres, that have increased the love from his audiences. 

A Brief Look into Sunil Shetty's Net Worth

About Sunil Shetty’s personal life 

Sunil Shetty was born in 1961 in a Karnataka village. His childhood and early education were completed in Karnataka. The native language of Shetty is Mangalorean Tulu, which is specific to the village he was born in. 

Shetty completed his graduation from HR college of Science and Commerce. Unlike many Bollywood celebrities, he was married before he entered his acting career. Thus, his marriage was done in 1991, while he made his debut the following year. Shetty has two children, who are now aspiring actors in Bollywood. 

Sunil’s wife, Mana, runs a charitable trust for unprivileged children. More than 80% of the films Shetty did were action-oriented. This owes to him being a black belt in kickboxing. 

 Sunil weighs around 50kgs and has a height of 5’10 inches. Apart from being popular for his acting skills, he has made his place through his philanthropic work on global fronts. This is another reason he is also referred to as “anna”.

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What is Sunil Shetty’s net worth in 2022?

Sunil Shetty’s net worth in rupees will be more than 80 crores. Sunil Shetty’s salary or monthly income will be more than 50 lakhs from his hospitality chain. For a film, he charges approximately 2 crores per assignment. He has not been active in Bollywood or Tollywood (South Indian) movies for many years.  

But he has earned through hotels and a chain of restaurants. The hotels which Shetty runs specialise in Udupi cuisine, which originates from South India. Sunil Shetty’s net worth in 2022 is expected to be $11 million in other currencies.  

Starting from 1992, he has more than 100 films in both Bollywood and South. This can be uplifted with other income sources. Sunil endorses many brands, which helps him earn high and maintain a celebrity status since he has been a dormant actor for many years. 

The other sources of his income would include a chain of boutiques which serves high-end customers like Bollywood actors and other popular faces. His net worth is also calculated on houses he owns. In Mumbai, he has a lavish home, while he also owns many properties, including one at his birthplace. Thus, Sunil Shetty’s assets in 2022 will include farms, houses, cars and a chain of hospitality centres. 

Motivation for Shetty to earn high can be attributed to his love of cars. Sunil has a huge car collection from Toyota, Land cruiser, Jeep Wrangler and others. Shetty has a love for branded products, which he uses and collects from different places. 

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 Awards and Achievement

The excellent performances of Shetty have won him many acknowledgements and recognition. Sunil has received Filmfare awards for a Bollywood love story named Dhadkan. In his 20 long years in the industry, he has received only one Filmfare, although people greatly respect him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Brief Look into Sunil Shetty's Net Worth

1. Who is Sunil Shetty?

Sunil Shetty is a popular actor who has worked in many Bollywood and south-based films. He is popularly known as “anna” because he is a philanthropist and action-oriented. Apart from being an actor, he runs businesses in Mumbai. This includes boutiques, hospitality centres like restaurants and hotels and others. Sunil Shetty’s birthday and age in 2022 will be 61 years. 

2. How much is Sunil Shetty’s net worth?

In INR, the net worth is 86 crores as of 2022, while in other currencies, it will be $11 million.

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3. What assets does Sunil Shetty own?

Sunil Shetty’s assets in 2022, would include his bunch of real estate properties, a chain of restaurants and hotels, boutiques, a range of luxurious cars and other undisclosed ones. 

4. Who are the family members of Sunil Shetty?

 Sunil Shetty’s family would include his wife, son, daughter and siblings. His wife is Mana, while Ahan and Athiya are his son and daughter respectively. 

5. What is Sunil Shetty famous for?

Sunil Shetty is famous for his acting skills and philanthropy work for underprivileged children. 

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