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Know About The Superstar’s kid AbRam Khan: Biography

Know About The Superstar's kid Abram Khan : Biography

‘Star kids’ is a common term that anyone who follows the Bollywood film industry is aware of, and multiple names fall on this list. In the context of who AbRam Khan is, the young one is the son of one of the most prominent Indian film industry celebrity couples, Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan. Since his birth, the youngster has been familiar with the media, given his family lineage, and has notable popularity.

Who is Abram Khan- Biography 

AbRam Khan is a known media personality in the Indian film industry due to his family ties. He was born to Bollywood megastar, producer Shah Rukh Khan and designer Gauri Khan. Born on May 27, 2013, the little icon has always been in the limelight due to media attention towards his celebrity parents and soon-to-be celebrity siblings. 

He played a small role in the movie “Happy New Year,” starring Shah Rukh Khan, which was a relatively small appearance. Given the high popularity of the AbRam Khan family, the entire nation was highly expectant of his birth, and he has been a media darling since. 

Know About The Superstar's kid AbRam Khan: Biography

Abram Khan’s Personal Information 

Abram Khan is the younger child of the actor-producer Shah Rukh Khan and designer-producer Gauri Khan. He has two siblings who are much older than him in age, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan.

The young celebrity was born through surrogacy in the year 2013 on May 27. The zodiac sign is Gemini, according to AbRam Khan’s birthday, and his age in 2022 is around nine years. AbRam lives with his family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. According to sources, he attends the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in his home city. 

The estimated AbRam Khan Height and Weight are around 4 feet 2 inches (127 cm) and 57.5 lbs (26 kgs). Not much is disclosed about his other personal details since he is a minor. 

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What is AbRam Khan’s net worth in 2022?

Given his young age, AbRam Khan does not have a set career path at the moment. But, due to his affluent lifestyle and family, it is estimated that AbRam Khan’s net worth in 2022 will be around USD 600 million. 

AbRam Khan career

As of now, the AbRam Khan biography does not include a huge career graph, since he is still a youngster. The young celebrity has not shown or admitted to having any particular career goals. Since he belongs to a popular entertainment industry family, it is possible that he might decide to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor. He does show an interest in acting and has taken part in a small role in the 2014 movie “Happy New Year”. 

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AbRam Khan’s salary or monthly income

AbRam Khan does not have a consistent work-life since he is still a full-time student with no specific career ambitions. The monthly income and net worth of AbRam Khan depend on his family income. 

Know About The Superstar's kid AbRam Khan: Biography

AbRam Khan assets in 2022

AbRam Khan’s assets in 2022 are mainly the houses, cars, and other items his full family owns. Not much is reported about his personal assets. 

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1. When is AbRam Khan’s birthday?

AbRam Khan was born on May 27, 2013. 

2. How was AbRam Khan born?

AbRam Khan was born through the medical practice of surrogacy. The identity of the surrogate mother is confidential. 

3. What movies did AbRam Khan act in?

AbRam Khan briefly appeared in the 2014 Bollywood movie, Happy New Year. 

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