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Blogging: Where to Start?

Blogging: Where to Start?
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If you are new to the world of blogging or just want to improve the content and views of your ongoing blog, you may be wondering where to start. With changes in the online world and the introduction of AI as a content writing tool, it can be difficult to know where to start with blogging in the present day.

Following the increase in the use of social media and online communications, blogs have become an excellent way to have your opinion heard by a wider audience. Blogs do not involve you having to go on camera and record yourself while remaining a trusted source of information for those wanting a real review they can trust.

Starting Your Blog

When starting your blog, it is important to choose a topic that you are passionate about and will enjoy writing about for a considerable time. This can be a specific topic or interest, such as books or knitting, or you could choose something that is broader such as travel or entertainment for children in school holidays. 

You could indeed choose to write a more cathartic blog on a topic that will help you to process something you have experienced, such as grief or a medical diagnosis and treatment. Whatever the topic, you should ensure that it is something you are familiar with and feel able to write about this continuously. 

You will need to keep the topic fresh with each blog post that you upload, so the topic of your blog should be something that you are able to achieve this with. If, for example, you choose to create a blog that is about reading, video games, or days out, you could choose a theme. 

Any theme would work; you could choose to review new releases or venues or look at favorites to show people thinking of buying or visiting a real review. Customers always prefer to know what to expect if they are looking at reviews of a product or venue, and a blog post will give a better review than a short review uploaded to a search engine. 

You can also elevate your blog by adding other entertaining elements like videos and podcasts. Today, there are various podcast plug-ins that let you embed audio players and optimize your content.

Posting Your Blog

When you look to post your blog, it is important to decide where, when, and how often you are going to upload. You should aim to remain consistent with all of these factors to ensure that you do not lose readers. Being unable to find the blog if you move it or not posting for a prolonged period will affect who reads what you write. 

You do not need to post frequently, providing you post regularly so your readers know when to expect an update from you. Remaining on one site is not essential if you find another that meets your needs better; however, not changing every few months will help to maintain your readers. 

When you post is entirely up to you and what your schedule is; you could post early in the morning in time for commuters to read on their way to work, mid-afternoon for the journey home, or in the evening for people to read at leisure. 

Whichever you choose, consistency is key; if you need to change your schedule or website, ensure that you update your readers so they know where and when to find your content.

Ombir is an Editor at Active Noon Media. He is an SEO and Writer who has experience of 3 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time doing research on various topics.