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Top 11 YouTubers in India

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in India. People watch different types of content on YouTube for both entertainment and educational purposes. There are over 574 million active monthly users in India, making it a lucrative platform for content creators. With the rise of YouTube in India, several YouTubers have gained immense popularity. Given below are the 11 most famous YouTubers in India who have amassed a huge following banking on their engaging content. 

11. Technical Guruji

Most Indians rely on this channel before buying any gadget, especially smartphones. Gaurav Chaudhary, Technical Guruji’s owner, and host, has made it into this list of famous YouTubers in India because of his 23.2 Million subscribers. Over 3.2 billion viewers look to his in-depth review of tech products to guide their purchasing choice. His smartphone unboxings are the most anticipated and highly watched videos on his channel.

10. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana runs one of the top YouTube channels in India. He posts entertainment videos in the form of skits, roasts, comedic reactions, and such. Amit Bhadana is famous for his individualist desi style and rhyming capabilities that he uses to his advantage in his videos. In this manner, he has accumulated over 24.3 million subscribers on his channel and proudly ranks ninth on this list. 

9. BB ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam’s channel BB Ki Vines has the eight highest YouTube subscribers in India, with a total of 26.3 million subscribers. Bhuvan Bam joined YouTube back in 2015 and started posting funny videos on different subjects related to social issues, religion, and politics. He delivers these videos in multiple avatars, which makes them even more entertaining to watch. He has also created two popular web series called Dhindora and Taaza Khabar. 

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8. Crazy XYZ

Amit Sharma, the creative mind behind YouTube channel Crazy XYZ, has carved a niche for himself in the world of Indian YouTube creators. With a distinctive mix of humour, pranks and courage, Amit Sharma has managed to garner a dedicated customer base of 27.5 Million. His channel is a testimony to his out-of-the-box thinking, providing viewers with an array of entertaining content including witty pranks, social experiments and unique challenges. Amit’s charismatic on-screen presence and his ability to engage his audience has propelled Crazy XYZ to become a favorite platform for those looking for light-hearted entertainment.

7. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari has earned immense fame as a motivational speaker on YouTube. He has over 580 videos on his channel, which gets around 2.3 billion views every month. With more than 27.9 million subscribers, he is one of the most famous YouTubers in India. Maheswari turned to YouTube in 2012 after his successful career ended because of industry exploitation. Driven by the injustice done to him, he makes content that seeks to inspire and educate the viewers on various aspects of life. 

6. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Ashish Chanchlani runs a self-titled channel on YouTube called ‘Ashish Chanchlani Vines.’ He mainly uploads comedic sketches, lifestyle tips, and funny commentaries on various topics. He also posts prank videos, music videos, and vlogs. His YouTube channel has a total subscriber count of 29.8 Million, with a viewer count of 4.3 billion. 

5. Round2Hell

Zayan, Nazim, and Wasim run the channel Round2hell and rank among the top 5 YouTubers in India as a group. These three friends launched the popular channel in 2016 with the collective goal of entertaining the viewers. With this purpose in mind, they have continued to post funny content which is watched by 3.1 billion users. Wasim was once in hot waters with the Hindus after insulting goddess Radha in his video. Still, the channel has not slowed down in growth and has over 31 Million subscribers. 

4. Mr. Indian Hacker

Dilraj Singh, also known as Mr. Indian Hacker on YouTube, is one of the famous YouTubers in India. His videos are always entertaining to watch because of their experimental content. Singh conducts experiments based on science and technology. He also showcases life hacks and covers several topics. Dilraj Singh has a huge team that he calls the “Titanium Army”, working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth production of his videos. His channel currently has over 32.2 Million subscribers and is still growing. 

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3. Techno Gamerz

Closely following Ajay is Ujjwal Chawrasia with his gaming YouTube Channel Techno Gamerz. His is one of the top YouTube channels in India, with 35.2 Million subscribers. Techno Gamerz started in 2017, and now almost 6 six years later is the most respected and trusted gaming channel in the country. The viewers follow the content to learn gameplay tricks and strategies from Ujjwal. They also wait for his expert review before purchasing a new game. His content is fun to watch because of Ujjwal Chawrasia’s energetic delivery. 

2. Total Gaming

Ajay’s Total Gaming is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India for its gaming and tech content. With more than 35.9 Million subscribers, he is the second most popular YouTuber in India. However, his viewer count is higher than the top YouTuber on this list, with over 5.4 million monthly views. Ajay mainly goes by his nickname “Ajju Bhai” on the video streaming platform and is known as the absolute champ in games such as Free Fire, Call of Duty, PUBG, and GTA V.

1. CarryMinati

Ajey Nager is India no 1 YouTuber with over 40.1 million subscribers on his channel ‘CarryMinati’. His videos attract more than 3.2 billion viewers from all over the world. However, since he makes his videos in Hindi, most of his viewers are Indian. In total, Ajay Nager has uploaded 188 videos as CarryMinati that comprise roast films, entertainment videos, and even music videos of his own composition. He has even shot videos with Hollywood superstars Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise. 

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