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Commercial LPG Cylinders Price Increases By Rs 25

Commercial LPG Cylinders Price Increases By Rs 25
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Oil marketing companies (OMCs) announced a price hike for commercial LPG cylinders. The price of commercial LPG cylinders has increased by Rs 25.50, and the new rates are effective today, March 1, 2024.

The state-run companies have increased the price of commercial gas cylinders for the second time in the year. The price of a 19-kg gas cylinder increased by ₹14 on February 1. A 19-kg gas cylinder in Delhi costs ₹1,769.50, ₹1,887 in Kolkata, ₹1,723  in Mumbai, and ₹1,937 in Chennai in February.

On the first of each month, the government-owned Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (OC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) change the price of cooking gas by using the last month’s average international price. 

  • Commercial 19-kg gas cylinder price on March 1, 2024
  • Delhi- ₹1,795
  • Mumbai- ₹1,749
  • Kolkata- ₹1,911
  • Chennai- ₹1,960.50
  • Chandigarh- ₹1,816
  • Bengaluru- ₹1,875
  • Indore- ₹1,901
  • Amritsar- ₹1,895
  • Jaipur- ₹1,818
  • Ahmedabad- ₹1,816

Domestic gas cylinder costs have not changed. 14.2 kg LPG cylinders cost ₹903 in Delhi, ₹929 in Kolkata, ₹902.50 in Mumbai, and ₹918.50 in Chennai.

What Is a Commercial LPG Cylinder?

LPG cylinders that are used for profit-making or business purposes, such as electricity generation, transportation, poultry, industries, and restaurants, are commercial LPG cylinders. The prices of these LPG cylinders are determined by oil marketing companies run by the state.

What Are Domestic LPG Cylinders?

Domestic LPG cylinders are used for household purposes, such as cooking at home, and not for profit-making.

The basic difference between commercial and domestic cylinders is in the amount of gas used and the quantity of gas present in the cylinder. That is why industrial facilities are provided with larger LPG vessels. Moreover, many industries use multiple LPG cylinders simultaneously.

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