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‘Country that Speaks Soaked in Red’: India Slams Pakistan At UN Over Kashmir Remarks

‘Country that Speaks Soaked in Red': India Slams Pakistan At UN Over Kashmir Remarks
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At the 55th Human Rights Council of the United Nations, India utilised its ‘Right to Reply’ while responding to Turkey and Pakistan for mentioning Jammu and Kashmir. Anupama Singh, India’s First Secretary at the UN Human Rights Council, declined the allegations of Pakistan and mentioned the country’s track record on human rights, describing it as “truly abysmal.”

Singh issued a warning to Turkey, declaring that Jammu and Kashmir is an “internal matter” for India and that further “unsolicited comments” on the subject should be avoided.

We cannot pay any further attention to a country that speaks while being soaked in red – the red of the bloodshed from the terrorism it sponsors around the world; the red of its debt-riddled national balance sheets; and the red of the shame of its own people feel for their government having failed to serve their actual interests

Anupama Singh said

India highlighted three points in its response to Pakistan’s mention of Jammu and Kashmir on the UN platform. 

The first one was that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are an “integral and inalienable part of India,” and the constitutional measures taken by the Indian government to ensure “socio-economic development and good governance” in the Union territories are “matters internal to India.”

Two, a country that has institutionalised the systemic persecution of its own minorities and has a truly abysmal human rights record, commenting on India, which is demonstrably making great strides in achieving economic progress and social justice, is not merely ironical but perverse

Anupama Singh pointed out

She recalled the incidents when minorities were ill-treated and highlighted the issues of August 2023 in Jaranwala, where 19 churches were demolished and 89 Christian houses were burned.

She further commented, “A country that hosts and even celebrates UNSC-sanctioned terrorists, commenting on India, whose pluralistic ethos and democratic credentials are exemplars for the world, is a contrast for everyone to see.”

India stated in August of last year that normal relations with Pakistan need a climate free of terrorism. The nation is currently dealing with many financial issues, including inflation and decreasing foreign exchange reserves.

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