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Coworking or Office: What is Interesting to a Freelancer?

Coworking or Office: What is Interesting to a Freelancer?
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What to choose for daily work if you work for yourself? Or if only two people are working on your project? Today, modern coworking closes the need for an office, offering more than just a desk and an armchair.

The fashionable and quite popular word coworking appeared quite recently in America, in 1999. Initially, it was equal work in a company where the head does not have a separate office. In a modern interpretation, coworking spaces appeared in California in 2005.

What is coworking and how does it help entrepreneurs and freelancers?

Coworking is the practice of working with strangers on various projects in a shared office environment. According to others, such an impersonation of office life is only possible for freelancers, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs. In reality, coworking spaces in any location worldwide (California, New York, or Tokyo, for instance) are available for everyone!

A shared workspace helps:

  • find interlocutors and like-minded individuals, widen your views, exchange ideas and experiences, and find a partner for collaboration; 
  • foster a professional environment. Because of the incentive and concentration of professionals around, open coworking allows you to work while enhancing your productivity and quality of work.
  • simplify your job and feel at ease. The coworking space is fully equipped with all of the required tools and equipment;
  • motivate and develop. The environment always affects your results. The presence of other talented and successful professionals can inspire and push to implement new projects and achieve higher results;
  • cost optimization. Savings on the purchase of equipment, room cleaning, and other expenses of a standard office.

Advantages of working in coworking: from increasing productivity to expanding professional ties

Coworking provides a unique opportunity for work, socialization, and growth as a professional. It offers several advantages that help to create an optimal working environment and increase productivity.

Advantages of coworking:

  • Flexibility. Coworking is an excellent choice for short-term office renting. Flexible workspace allows you to hire a workspace by the hour, day, or month, depending on your needs.
  • Low cost of renting a virtual office.
  • Availability of everything necessary for work (appliances, Internet, table, chair, armchair-bag, sofa, etc.). In some places, there is tea and coffee.
  • A working, engaging atmosphere and virtually no distractions compared to a house or cafe.
  • A variety of choices of places to work and an environment for communication.
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate, and establish new business ties.
  • Training and development through seminars, lectures, workshops, networking, and other events that are held there periodically.
  • Conducting business meetings thanks to the possibility of renting a meeting room or a conference room.

Some modern open coworking work 24 hours a day, others have their dining area, and others have recreation areas with a TV, a game console, board games, etc. To understand whether this format of work is right for you, it is best to try several different coworking.

Coworking and personal space: How to maintain comfort and concentration when working next to other people

At first glance, the coworking center may appear to be a large loud workplace without offices. This is not the situation in reality. The work area itself is obligatory in alternative workplaces, where silence must be kept, and if it is necessary to call or interact, there is a common area or a meeting room. We recommend the following recommendations for people who want personal space and comfort:

  • Based on your particular tastes, select an appropriate workspace. Find the perfect seat for you beside the window, against the wall, or on a bag chair.
  • Be kind and respectful of other people’s personal space, and they will reciprocate.
  • If you want to listen to music in the background, use noise-canceling headphones. You will be able to establish a pleasant environment for yourself without interfering with others.
  • Establish boundaries. If you are being distracted by your neighbors or coworkers, say so gently. Agree ahead of time on when you can talk and when you should be left alone.
  • Competent organization of work and rest time is the key to productivity.

Coworking as an alternative to a traditional office: economical and flexible

Is coworking better than an office or vice versa? Let’s compare their features.

ParameterCoworkingTraditional office
InvestmentsIt does not require investments for the arrangement of the workplace. It is necessary to pay only rentRequires significant investments for repairs, furniture, appliances, and rent
Rental priceSignificantly less than office rentHigher than renting a workplace in a coworking center
Working hoursUsually more than a simple office, but still has certain limitsStandard working hours are from 8-9 to 17-18h
ClothesThere is no dress code
There may be a dress code depending on the rules of your office
Surrounding peopleYou can find like-minded people and make new acquaintancesOnly the staff of your company
DesignSimple and strict. Can’t be changedChoose at your discretion

It’s easy to swap one coworking for anotherTo change the office, you need to spend time and a lot of money. When expanding the staff, it is necessary to rent additional premises, and when reducing it, you will have to pay for extra seats
Concentration and attentionIt may be unusual for some people to work in this format, and there may also be some distractions. But at the expense of working people nearby, your efficiency is stimulatedThere are fewer distractions when 1 person works in the office. If there are more people and their places are not separated, then it looks like coworking
CustomersSuitable for online work with clientsHelps to create an impression for customers, which is important when visiting in person


At first look, contemporary coworking spaces may appear boring. However, their global appeal is increasing year after year. Even well-known corporations began to embrace business coworking services. Freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and startups have long valued this choice of working from home or in an office. New projects are being produced in open workspaces as a result of intriguing, creative, and creative individuals, and their traditions and values are appearing. A modest labor site gains a vibrant cultural life.

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