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Is There A Decoupled Season 2? Here’s What We Know

Is There A Decoupled Season 2? Here’s What We Know
Source: Netflix

Decoupled is an Indian English television series that premiered on Netflix. The first season of the show was released on December 17, 2021. It was created and directed by Manu Joseph and Hardik Mehta. The series received mixed reviews and later became the most trending series on the platform within three days of release.

Decoupled is a comedy television series in Indian English. It was created by Manu Joseph and directed by Hardik Mehta. The series premiered on Netflix. It is a story about a writer and his wife, who is a startup founder. They announce their divorce at a party that ends with revealing an absurd relationship to the world. Decoupled stars R. Madhavan and Surveen Chawla in lead roles. The first season of the series was released on December 17, 2021. Here’s all the information we have curated for Decoupled Season 2.

Will There Be Decoupled Season 2?

Netflix, the streaming partner of the series, has not revealed any information about the series as of now. The series is neither cancelled nor renewed for another season. The makers of the series revealed in an interview and stated, “We hope there is a season 2 because we already have the material for five seasons.” This indicates that there are possibilities that the series will return with another season.

When Will Decoupled 2 Release?

The release date of the second season of Decoupled has not been revealed by the makers yet and there are possibilities that the streaming partner and the creators will reveal it anytime soon.

Who is in the cast of Decoupled Season 2?

The lead cast members of Decoupled are highly anticipated to reprise their roles for another season. There are chances that the makers may add new faces to the story to bring more twists and turns to the show. The cast members may include 

  • R. Madhavan as Arya
  • Surveen Chawla as Shruti
  • Arista Mehta as Rohini
  • Chetan Bhagat as himself
  • Atul Kumar as Agni
  • Bhavik Kelawala as Jamal Sarif
  • Aseem Hattangadi as Mayank
  • Mir Afsar Ali as Dr Basu
  • Sonia Raathee as Masha
  • Darren E. Scott as Jean Lee
  • Dilnaz Irani as Reema
  • Himanee Bhatia
  • Akash Khurana as Surinder Sharma
  • Apara Mehta as Madhu Sharma
  • Mukesh Bhatt as Ganesh
  • Nazneen Madan as Bhumika
  • Salim Siddiqui as Salim Bhai
  • Srestha Banerjee as Decoupling Party Manager (Goa)
Is There A Decoupled Season 2? Here’s What We Know
Source: Netflix

Is The Trailer For Decoupled Season 2 Unveiled?

The trailer for Decoupled Season 2 has not been unveiled yet. There are speculations that it will be released anytime soon. The trailer for the first season gave a glimpse of the relationship between the couple and how humorous the series is going to be.

What Will Be The Plot of Decoupled Season 2?

Decoupled is a story about a couple; one of them is a writer, and the other is the founder of a startup. They announce their separation at a party. The couple is stuck in a dysfunctional marriage for the sake of their daughter. The story may be carried further and may bring more twists and turns in second season of Decoupled.

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Where Can I Watch Decoupled Season 2?

You can watch Decoupled Season 2 exclusively on Netflix. The first part of the season premiered on Netflix. It is highly anticipated that the series will renew on the same streaming platform.

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