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The Top 10 Drone Companies Listed In The Indian Stock Market

Top 10 Drone Companies in India Listed in Stock Market

The world has become a constantly evolving place, and innovations have become the top priority for entrepreneurs. Likewise, the drone industry in India has also become a leading choice for investors. They have now started to utilise their money by investing in profitable stocks that would result in a higher amount after a few years. This article has listed the top picks of drone manufacturing companies to invest money on.

All the domains of our country are evolving, be it agriculture, entertainment, education, or technology. The use of drones has also increased over the last few years, and they are now being used in many industries. By forecasting this exponential rise in their use, it can be said that the Indian drone market will prove to be beneficial for investors. In this article, we discuss the top 10 drone companies in India listed in the stock market. However, in order to maximise your profit, careful consideration is needed.

Top 10 Drone Manufacturing Companies in India

The drone industry has become so evolving that it has captured the interest of many. Some of the most popular drone companies in our country are listed below.

1. ideaForge


One of the biggest drone companies in India is ideaForge. Claiming themselves to be the leading company in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) market, ideaForge has earned the trust of many. Their multi-purpose drones, basically for surveillance, defence, or aerial mapping, can be used in hard weather conditions as well. Nonetheless, their impeccable designs and engineering abilities have made them the most reliable drone company in India.

52 Weeks High₹1,343.95
52 Weeks Low₹679.25
Source: Google Finance

2. Zen Technologies

Zen Technologies

Zen Technologies, established in 1993, is the top drone player in India, building counter-drone solutions to protect the border area. The company focuses on the manufacturing of heavy-lift logistics drones. Unsurprisingly, they are not just limited to this. Their anti-drone technology helps detect, classify, and block drone communication. You would find the company even more reliable when we tell you that they have been involved in many deals with the Indian Air Force.

52 Weeks High₹1059.35
52 Weeks Low₹280.20
Source: Google Finance

3. RattanIndia Enterprises

RattanIndia Enterprises

This company was established in 2010, and its completely owned subsidiary, NeoSky India Ltd., is among the leading drone manufacturers in the country. Nevertheless, the company aims to become even stronger by providing services in industries such as agriculture, infrastructure, and defence. Apart from its conventional uses, RattanIndia Enterprises now uses drone technology for monitoring and surveillance, surveying and mapping, and inspection and maintenance.

52 Weeks High₹94.85
52 Weeks Low₹37.15
Source: Google Finance

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4. Paras Defence & Space Technologies

 Paras Defence & Space Technologies

Founded in 2009, this company is a player in both commercial and military purposes; apart from the manufacturing of UAVs, aerial mapping, surveillance and surveying are also included. Furthermore, the growth of Paras Defence & Space Technologies is highly commendable. Their defence and space engineering products are highly credible and have earned this private domestic company a spot on our list of the top 10 drone companies in India.

52 Weeks High₹848.00
52 Weeks Low₹491.65
Source: Google Finance

5. DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations

droneacharya aerial innovations logo

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations is a company in our country that focuses on giving drone-based solutions in sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, mining, and surveying. Not only this, they also provide services that are highly tailored based on what the client wants. This means, like many other product-based companies, DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations also provides customisation opportunities. The company was founded not long ago, in 2017, but the recognition it has received is worth mentioning. In addition, it is also counted among the debt-free companies in the stock market.

52 Weeks High₹221.00
52 Weeks Low₹125.25
Source: Google Finance

6. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Established in 1963, almost six decades ago, the company is currently one of India’s leading aerospace companies. For a long time, HAL has been continuously developing aerospace products, such as aircraft, helicopters, aero engines, drones, and more. Nevertheless, its subsidiaries have also been quite effective in the manufacturing of advanced drones. If reports are to be believed, they are still developing drones for defence solutions; thus, it will garner great support from the government of India.

52 Weeks High₹4000.00
52 Weeks Low₹1385.03
Source: Google Finance

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7. Larsen & Toubro

Larsen & Toubro

One of the most famous Indian multinational conglomerates, L&T, has its services spread in various sectors. It encompasses areas such as engineering, construction, manufacturing, IT, defence, and financial services. This well-known company’s headquarters is situated in Mumbai. It was established in 1938 by Danish engineers Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro through an oral agreement. Meanwhile, it was legally incorporated in 1946.

52 Weeks High₹3,860.00
52 Weeks Low₹2,168.50
Source: Google Finance

8. Info Edge

 Info Edge

Info Edge is an Indian technology company that was established in 1995. It has been one of the leading names in many industries, whether it is real estate, employment, matrimony, education, and more. Nonetheless, they have been investing in drone startups as it is quite famous for investing in innovative technologies. One cannot underestimate the company as it has flagship websites such as,,, and Meanwhile, it also has considerable stakes in Zomato and Policybazaar.

52 Weeks High₹6,355.00
52 Weeks Low₹3,592.30
Source: Google Finance

9. DCM Shriram Industries

DCM Shriram Industries

DCM Shriram Industries is a company that excels in our country’s agricultural sector. It has been quite successful and is prominent in the production of sugar, alcohol, industrial fibres, and more. Over the past some time, they have also indulged in developing drones that are for versatile uses. Israeli Avnon Group’s Skylock joined hands with DCM Shriram Industries to manufacture unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) systems.

52 Weeks High₹228.00
52 Weeks Low₹68.15
Source: Google Finance

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10. Drone Destination Ltd

Drone Destination Ltd

Drone Destination Limited is a small-cap Indian company that was founded in 2019. It aims to provide drone services, training, and sales and change the landscape of the industry. Their priority is to bring innovation to the market and contribute significantly to the growth and development of the nation. Meanwhile, their offerings are not limited, and technological advancement is at its best.

52 Weeks High₹286.80
52 Weeks Low₹95.00
Source: Groww

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed the leading pioneering companies in the country’s drone industry. These top 10 drone companies in India that are listed in the stock market seem like a fruitful investment. However, the stock market and investments have their own risks, so we advise you to think carefully before taking significant actions.

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