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Top 10 Coffee Brands In India: India’s Favourite Fuel

Top 10 Coffee Brands In India: India's Favourite Fuel

India has a growing and competitive coffee market and an increasing number of coffee lovers in the country. There are top-selling brands in India that serve quality, good taste and a delightful experience from their coffee. They have everything for everyone and have a variety of flavours in them. Here is a list of the top coffee brands in India that you can consider next time you’re craving coffee.

India’s coffee culture has been growing steadily. People in India are shifting from their favourite tea to becoming coffee lovers. There are several types of coffee beans, and some of them are produced in India by the top coffee companies; they are Arabica and Robusta. Coffee is grown in three regions of India: Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are other places where coffee can be grown, but they are non-traditional. Kerala has a lot of local coffee brands. If you are a coffee lover and are willing to explore India’s best coffee brand, here is all the information you need to know. This article delves into the price, quality and more about famous coffee brands in India.

1. Nescafe


One of the best-selling and most loved coffee brands in India is Nescafe. It is an instant coffee brand made by the company Nestlé. However, it is not an Indian brand and is originally from Switzerland. It was established in 1938 and launched in Switzerland. Nescafe is a top choice among Indian households and has several variants. It has marked a special place in the Indian market with its advertising and marketing strategies. It is priced at Rs 363/100gm. Nescafe is known as the best coffee powder in India.

2. Bru

Bru Top 10 Coffee Brands In India 2024: India's Favourite Fuel

Bru is a part of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. It has been on the Indian market since 1968. Bru has several variants of coffee and originated in Switzerland. It offers instant coffee powder as well as filter coffee to its consumers. Bru is consumed by a diverse group of people, from coffee lovers to busy professionals. It has maintained its flavour and quality and is trusted by millions. It is priced at Rs 294/gm

3. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai has marked its place in the Indian market very quickly and has set up a strong customer base. It was established in 2013 as a roastery. It aims to make quality coffee accessible. The company gets the coffee from 40 estates. Blue Tokai is headquartered in Gurgaon, India and has 40+ cafes across India. It reserves its place in the list of top coffee brands and promises quality and sustainability. It is one of the best artisanal coffee brands in India.

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4. Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee is one of the largest integrated coffee cultivation and processing companies in the world, and it is the largest producer of Indian-origin pepper as well. It has been serving its consumers since 1938. Tata Coffee is headquartered in India and serves authentic taste with premium quality. It is the most trusted brand among Indians when they prefer coffee. Tata Coffee has a legacy spanning over 50 years. It is priced at Rs 200/100g.

5. Davidoff


Davidoff is known for the premium and luxury quality it provides. It is part of the Zino Davidoff group. The company is owned by a Swiss family and was established in 1980. It offers its customers 100% Arabica beans and also serves a variety of flavours. It secures its place among the top coffee brands as it offers sensory pleasure and great quality. Some of the best flavours include Espresso 57, Crema Elegant and Rich Aroma. It is priced at Rs 650/100g.

6. Starbucks


Starbucks is a global chain of coffee that is a joint venture between Tata Consumer Products and Starbucks Corporation. It offers a wide variety of recipes you can choose from. Starbucks provides its consumers with a delightful experience and also serves pastries and bakery items to complement their coffee. It is loved by Indians and thoroughly enjoyed by professionals. An average coffee cup costs around Rs 292.

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7. Continental Xtra Coffee

Continental Xtra Coffee

Continental Xtra Coffee is a brand that has been serving since 1995. It is a popular choice in south India and is the largest manufacturer and exporter of coffee in India. Continental Xtra Coffee is a blend of 70% coffee and 30% chicory. It is known to energise you all day. It marks its place among the top coffee brands in India.

8. Rage Coffee


Rage Coffee was established in 2018 and is known to be the first plant-based coffee brand that has vitamins in it. This brand specifically targets the young generations that are conscious of their weight gain and health. It has expanded and reached its target audience in a very short span of time. It is available on various shopping platforms for purchase, such as Blink It, Big Basket, Zepto, Amazon and more. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for this brand. It is priced at Rs 324/100g.

9. Country Bean

Country Bean

The Country Bean coffee brand was established in 2018 and marked India’s first flavoured coffee brand. It has seen significant growth in its customers and is a direct-to-customer brand. Country Bean offers a great range of flavoured coffee and is loved by several celebrities as well. It manufactures products that are handy and easy to use. It is priced at Rs499/100g.

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10. Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl is a Delhi-based coffee brand established in 2016. It was founded by Ajai Thandi, Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh. Sleepy Owl serves 100% Arabica coffee. It is a cold brew coffee brand and marks its place among the top coffee brands in India. It is priced at Rs 449/100g.


These coffee brands secure a place in the list of the top 10 coffee brands in India as they serve a variety of rich flavours with strong aromas. They offer their customers a delightful experience with authentic taste and quality. In the competitive market of coffee, they have catered to your choices and preferences. Next time, when you’re craving coffee, consider trying the above-listed brand for an energetic experience. When someone asks you, which are the best coffee brands in India? You know the answer!

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