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Arijit Singh Could Not Recognize Mahira Khan At Concert, Later Apologises

Arijit Singh Could Not Recognize Mahira Khan At Concert, Later Apologises
Source: Arijit Singh and Mahira Khan

Arijit Singh recently appeared for his concert in Dubai. People are gushing over him not only in India but in Pakistan as well.

Videos surfaced on social media where Arijit apologised to Mahira Khan for not recognising her. The singer addressed his fans and said, “You guys must be surprised, should I reveal? I should reveal it in a very nice way. Can we have the camera there? I was trying to recognise this person, then remembered I had sung for her. Ladies and gentlemen Mahira Khan sitting right in front of me. Think about I was singing her song Zaalima and it’s her song and she was singing and standing and I couldn’t recognise her. I am so sorry. Ma’am gratitude and thank you so much.”

Mahira Khan donned a beautiful black dress at the concert. She shouted, ‘It’s ok’ and waved back. Arijit sang one of his most popular songs, ‘Zaalima’ from the movie ‘Raees’ starring Shah Rukh Khan and ‘Mahira Khan’. The film marked the Bollywood debut of Mahira Khan in 2017.

Later, Mahira Khan took to social media and praised Arijit Singh after attending his Dubai concert. She shared a reel that showed her visit and wrote, “I wasn’t meant to be here for this.. but.. I guess I was. You know what I mean? What a pleasure it is to watch an artist perform.. whirling in joy, surrounded by love. But more than that, it’s beautiful when you see humility in an artist.. because he knows, it isn’t him.. he’s just been blessed from up above. Stay blessed @arijitsingh Wah!.”

Mahira Khan is popularly known for working in Pakistani television series. She recently tied the knot with a Pakistani businessman, Salim Karim. This is the second marriage of Mahira Khan, who was earlier married to Ali Askari, and the duo is parents to a son. They separated in 2015.

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