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Dhootha Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More

Dhootha Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More
Source: Prime Video

Dhootha was the debut web show of Naga Chaitanya, and the audience went crazy over the show. The show is filled with twists and turns and keeps you interested till the end. Dhootha is the story of a journalist named Sagar whose life has dark secrets. He becomes a suspect in a murder and tries to clear his name. Following this, the story builds suspense and takes dangerous turns.

Dhootha received great reviews from Naga’s fans and the audience of the series. Also, the end of the show left room for the second part, which made the audience a bit more impatient.

Dhootha Season 2 Release Date

Will there be Dhootha Season 2? When is Dhootha Season 2 coming?, all such questions are in the minds of the audience who are eagerly waiting for the highly anticipated show Dhootha Season 2. The first season of the show was released on December 1, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video.

Dhootha season 2 is expected to be released in January 2025 on Amazon Prime Video. The show has received a great response from the audience. Part 2 of the show will take a bit longer time but will be worth waiting for. 

Dhootha Season 2 Cast

Dhootha had an incredible star cast, and the audience can expect new popular Hindi actors to join the team. The first season achieved immense success and might have given new ideas to the director, Vikram Kumar, that may have led to the involvement of a new star cast.

The star cast of Dhootha season 2 may include:

  • Naga Chaitanya as Sagar Varma Avudhuri
  • Prachi Desai as Amrutha
  • Priya Bhavani Shankar as Priya Avudhuri
  • Pravathy Thiruvothu as DCP Kranthi Shenoy
  • Chaitanya Garikipati as Ranga
  • Ravindra Vijay as Ajay Ghosh
  • Sanvita Mandadapuas Anjali Varma Avudhuri 
  • Nalla Sridhar Reddy as Koti
  • V. Jayaprakash as Konidela Chandra Murthy
  • Rohini as Madavi Avudhuri 
Dhootha Season 2 Release Date, Cast And More
Source: Prime Video

Dhootha Season 2 Plot 

A journalist named Sagar, portrayed by Naga Chaitanya, finds weird articles about the demise of the people close to him. He gets entangled in a series of murders and tries to clear his name from the cases. Sagar finds out about the articles of the murder from the cuttings of the newspaper. 

The story gets intense and thrilling as it builds up the suspense for the audience and makes them think about what’s going to happen next in the story.

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Dhootha Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Dhootha gives a glimpse of the thrilling experience one is going to get while watching the show. It shows Naga Chaitanya portraying a journalist and trying to seek the truth behind murders. 

Source: Prime Video India

Where can I watch Dhootha season 2? 

Dootha season 1 was streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, there is a possibility of it being released on Amazon only. The series has a total of eight episodes in season 1.

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Will There Be Dhootha Season 2?

There are possibilities of Dhootha season 2 as the first season ended on a note that anticipated Dhootha season 2. Also, Naga Chaitanya tweeted about the success of Dhootha and wrote, “#dhootha success call out ! It’s been such a satisfying one ! Looking forward to more .. soon 🙂 @Vikram_K_Kumar #northstarentertainment @PrimeVideoIN.” The audience was filled with excitement when they read ‘looking for more’ as it gives a hint for the Dhootha season 2.


Dhootha season 2, the most awaited web series since 2023, will make its comeback with another season in January 2025. There are several possibilities that it will return with season 2. The audience is excited and eagerly waiting to see Naga Chaitanya in his journalist avatar. Dhootha was written and directed by Vikram Kumar and backed by Sharrath Marar.

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