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E-Commerce Website: How To Increase Your Online Sales?

E-Commerce Website: How To Increase Your Online Sales?

If you have an e-commerce business, your main concern is certainly increasing the average basket, your online sales and customer satisfaction. 

What actions to take to optimize your online sales? 

Encourage Internet users to continue their visit to your store

There is nothing worse for a user (often in a hurry) to be on a site that is incomprehensible or that is simply not fluid.

To increase the average basket, the number of online sales and the frequency of purchases, we recommend that you take these 10 criteria into account.

  1. Product quality  
  2. Free and efficient delivery
  3. Fast shipping 
  4. The easy return 
  5. Consumer reviews 
  6. The image of the store 
  7. Ease of navigation on the site 
  8. The ordering process 
  9. The number of options 
  10. The novelty 

These criteria are important to convert an Internet user into a customer and retain them. He should feel free to consume whenever he wants. In addition, he must consider that his purchase is useful and more interesting than from your competitor. 

Several bonuses will allow you to make your site unique, encourage your customers to talk about you and seduce them. For example: 

  • Anticipate questions and respond quickly 
  • Ensure free and fast delivery 
  • Real-time parcel tracking 
  • Easy and free returns 
  • Efficient logistics 
  • Quality after-sales service 
  • Make the customer feel like he is the king
  • Optimize your e-commerce logistics 

Well-organized e-commerce logistics will play a huge role in the success of your online business. This logistics will help you increase your conversion rate and improve your customer satisfaction. Logistics management represents 50% of the success of an e-commerce site and is an important pillar of your activity. Each point of contact must be taken care of to guarantee quality service to your customers and ensure that you maintain a good e-reputation for your e-commerce store.
Of course, when building an e-commerce website, you should always consult with some digital experts for the greatest results.

Discover the 4 pillars that will contribute to the success of your e-commerce and which will give your customers a positive experience.  

1. Proximity: selling on the internet is an experience. The logistics dedicated to this experience are complex and essential in the area of ​​loyalty to your business. Surround yourself with logistics experts or choose logistics optimization tools. This will allow you to be connected to your warehouse and your online sales channels (e-commerce site or marketplaces). 

2. Stock & security: good management of your stocks will ensure good e-commerce sales. Have a good view of the stock in real time with your supplier orders and returns. An essential follow-up to avoid stock shortages (alerts on your stock levels) and allow the availability of products on your online store. Also plan to put your products in a suitable area (shelves or racks) in warehouses under surveillance. This can be achieved with the best ERP system in practice. 

3. Delivery: benefit from several types of delivery to ensure fast and efficient delivery. No more losing online sales because of an excessively high delivery cost or delivery options deemed unsatisfactory by your Internet users. Quickly ship orders as soon as you know them. When your packages are dispatched make sure that your customers can be informed of all stages of the delivery. Track your packages for an optimal experience. In addition, offer a solution for managing your returns to retain your customers and encourage new online sales.

4. Image: work on your marketing image by guaranteeing the right product to the right person at the right time. Build trust with your customers. Make sure to personalize each order to create a “Wow” effect when opening the package. This can be done through packaging adapted to your products, eco-responsible, premium or by a 100% guaranteed delivery,… Your objective will always be to ensure an irreproachable rate of satisfaction.

You now have all the keys to providing a positive experience for your customers. 

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