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Google’s Newly-Launched “Circle To Search” Brings One Click Away To Find What You Are Looking For

Google’s Newly-Launched “Circle To Search” Brings One Click Away To Find What You Are Looking For
Source: Google

Going with the latest AI features and the power of the lens, Google has introduced a new feature called ‘Circle to Search’ and it works exactly how it sounds. 

You come across unknown or searchable things on the screen, you circle something on the phone screen and Viola, A page full of Google searches about what you were searching for, Fascinating enough? However, initially, Google is slated to launch this super-explanatory feature in five phones, the three members of Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S24 series, as well as Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Meanwhile, following its launch on five phones, it further launches on other premium Android phones.

Despite it sounds similar to Google Lens, you can use Circle without even opening Google. All you need to do is long-press the home button if you use three-button navigation or simply, the navigation handle if you are using gesture nav, and it will soon appear at the top of the screen. With Google Circle, you can search any text, language, symbol, subject, or picture among all.

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An expert mentioned using this super-handy feature on his Galaxy S24 in some brief demo time, and it turned out to be a great feature. While the Google Lens process included taking a screenshot, moving to the Google screen, tapping on Google Lens and then searching for a subject, Google’s “Circle to Search” united all the processes in one; tapping the home screen.

Meanwhile, supporting Circle to Search is an upgrade to Google’s multi-search feature. Multisearch is an existing lens feature that enables users to modify visual searches. For instance, take a picture of a white dress, search for it with a lens, and add the word ‘Black’ to see more of its variations.

Unlike Circle to Search, Multisearch will be available on the Google app on any iOS to Android device; however, only in the US.

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