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Google Layoffs: Sundar Pichai Planning to Let Go More Employees after 1000 Jobs Were Cut

Google Layoffs: Sundar Pichai Planning to Let Go More Employees after 1000 Jobs Were Cut
Sundar Pichai

While the end of 2023 was all in distress with back-to-back layoffs in the tech industry, the beginning of 2024 just made things worse. Within the first month of 2024, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, while discussing the big plans for the company, talked about making some painful changes which would impact the employees.

Meanwhile, to make room for its big decisions, Google has already cut off several teams that had different work natures. These teams included worked on Google’s Hardware (like phones and gadgets), ad sales (selling ads to businesses), search (helping people find things online), shopping, maps, policy (making rules for how  Google Works), core Engineering (the main Google work), and YouTube.

While announcing the decision, Pichai mentioned that these changes are not as big as they happened last year when Google’s layoffs impacted more than 12,000 employees. However, it would be tough for employees and families to see their friends and teams getting affected.

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He went on to say that things are comparatively better after this year’s layoffs. Pichai said that more changes are going to happen and many jobs will be affected. While some of the changes have already been announced, in the future, teams will see their resources which can further lead to layoffs.

Google ought to see changes to focus on its important goals this year. Meanwhile, that includes tough choices like letting go of people and rearranging teams. In the concluding line, Pichai wrote that it might not be easy for everyone, and focused on introducing more changes in future for the betterment of the tech giant, according to the Media House, Verge.