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Google Removes Indian Apps From Play Store Amid ‘Policy Violation’

Google Removes Indian Apps From Play Store Amid ‘Policy Violation’

On Friday, March 1, 2024, Google delisted 23 apps from 10 Indian developers from its Play Store amid disputes with the payment policy. These apps include the dating app TrulyMadly, the real estate management platform 99acres, the audio storytelling platforms Kuku FM and Alt Balaji’s Altt, the hiring site Naukri, and the matrimonial services and Bharat Matrimonial.

This action takes place amid a dispute over service fee payments, as Google maintains that it should be charged between 11% and 26% for in-app purchases.

The dispute is the result of several Indian entrepreneurs trying to challenge Google’s pricing structure, which was implemented in response to orders from the nation’s antitrust regulators to change Google’s previous pricing model, which ranged between 15% and 30%.

Delisting them means that Android users will not be able to search for or download these apps from the Google Play Store. There are 95% of Indians that use Android (the operating system), and many of the delisted apps do not have an app for iOS.

Google stated in a blog post that it could remove apps that do not follow its payment policy. In the post, the company said,

For an extended period, 10 companies, including many well-established ones, have chosen not to pay for the immense value they receive on Google Play.

Google stated that allowing biased treatment to the developers would be unfair to the ones who are paying their fair share and would create an uneven playing field, putting all other apps and games at a competitive disadvantage.

Developers and Google are in communication with Google and trying to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. Many of the apps that were delisted had millions of downloads and were in high demand. The founder of these apps described it as a “dark day” on the internet.

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