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Government Notifies New CBFC Rules 2024; Check Details

Government Notifies New CBFC Rules 2024; Check Details
Source: ANI

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has notified the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 2024, of the suppression of the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 1983. The government has addressed some of the issues that filmmakers and audiences have with the functioning of the Central Board of Film Certification.

Last year, the government amended the Cinematograph Act of 1952 to address issues relating to film certification. This change occurred after nearly 40 years. An official release on Friday stated that the regulations have undergone a thorough review to bring them completely into line with the implementation of the online certification process for the films. This will guarantee improved openness, effectiveness, and convenience in doing business in the film industry.


Currently, a movie can be classified as A (only for adults), UA (children under 12 need parental supervision), or U (unrestricted public display). Three age-based subcategories have been added to the constantly changing UA category: seven years (UA 7), thirteen years (UA 13), and sixteen years (UA 16).

The release stated that “it will play a crucial role in balancing the need to protect vulnerable audiences, such as children, with the principles of freedom of expression and consumer choice.” 

Certification To Films In Lesser Time

The process of film certification will involve a completely digital process to reduce transactional time. To make the business easy, a provision has been introduced for ‘priority screening’ in order to speed up the process of certification in the situation of urgency felt by the filmmaker because of their prior commitments to the release of the film. This will enhance transparency and eliminate all circumstances.

Greater Representation Of Women & Disabled

According to the new rules, there will be greater representation of women on the CBFC Board and the CBFC’s Advisory Panels. The board has further stated that one-third of its members will preferably be women. “Movies/feature films must have accessibility features for certification to make them inclusive for disabled persons, as stipulated in the guidelines issued in this regard from time to time,” the release further added.

Validity Of The Certificates

According to the regulations, the 10-year certificate validity limit will no longer apply to CBFC certifications, which will hereafter have everlasting validity. “Recertification of the edited film for Television broadcast, as only Unrestricted Public Exhibition (U) category films can be shown on television,” the release further stated.

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