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Have You Watched Gossip Girl on HBO? Stream The Reboot Online

Have You Watched Gossip Girl on HBO? Stream The Reboot Online

Put it lightly, Gossip Girl is a unique cultural phenomenon TV show. The story is about YA literature in 2000. More people loved this teenage drama when it was presented in TV series. The show has been continuing for the past five years and was adapted in four parts worldwide.

The series is coming back on HBO Max as Gossip Girl reboot. So let me know what is the series is about and why it means to people?

Development of New Series

In 2019, Warner media ordered HBO Max about the Gossip Girl reboot. However, the filming is late because of Covid – 19 impact on the entertainment industry. Although they wanted to begin in 2019, it is delayed and will wait until 2020. But it released series in mid-2021. It is always decided to be on HBO Max and HBO Go exclusive.

In the last part, Joshua Safran is the showrunner in the original Gossip Girl. But it came as lead the project in another season.

Firstly the show is a release with name only reboot by Warner media. However, the show can be precisely described as an “extension” as per Safran. He said that no one was interested in redoing the story.

Gossip Girl 2021

In the original “Gossip Girl” (voice by Kristen Bell), seeing a new array of teenage New Yorkers is fighting against the social issues and other scandals.

Joshua Safran wants the series to revolve more around “nonwhite” leads, and the new Gossip girl will have much queer content. Moreover, he wants the show to be present in a way that is in 2021, as many things have changed after 2012.

It is seen that from the first episode, the student returns to Constance Billard after Covid 19 pandemic, and teachers are also using social media.

After eight years, the original website went dark, and a new generation of New York school teenagers are institute to social media surveillance. The series shows how social media has changed New York life in past years.

When is The Series Available on HBO Max?

The first part of the Gossip girl reboot is released on July 8th, 2021, and shows six episodes weekly. The last six seasons are airing on November 25th, 2021, and the final part will be released on December 9th, 2021.

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