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How To Choose The Best Quality Gemstone Jewelry: Complete Beginner’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Quality Gemstone Jewelry: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Admit it, gemstones are not a mere purchase that you can make now and then. 

Usually, they come at quite a high price. So, that beautiful opal ring that you are going to purchase for your better half on her birthday or that set of shimmering turquoise earrings should be purchased with the utmost attention.

You need to look upon gemstone jewelry shopping as a quality investment opportunity. If cherry-picked wisely, every penny spent would lend 3x returns for a prolonged period. And these benefits usually get translated to everlasting beauty, ethereal shine and shimmer, with a bunch of healing and psychic properties.

Although if you are dealing with a reliable and trusted outlet, as Arizona locals will tell you their favorite Scottsdale Jewelers are, then chances are the dealer would ensure to provide you with the most authentic and best piece of gemstone jewelry.

Nevertheless, there could be multiple instances wherein you need to be the expert to ensure that you make the right purchase. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do a course or diploma in jewelry designing for that matter. We have bought for you a detailed guide on how to choose the best quality gemstone jewelry.

1. The Type of Gemstone 

At first sight, you will get awestruck after realizing that the gemstone market offers countless types of gemstones to jewelry lovers.

Here are some customer-friendly gemstones:

  • Opal Jewelry
  • Larimar Jewelry
  • Turquoise Jewelry
  • Moonstone Jewelry
  • Amethyst Jewelry

Every gemstone is commendable and glorious in its way.

However, gemstones usually differ in their healing properties and appearances. Goes without saying, price range.

Gemstones are priced between the range of $1 to $10,000 per carat on an average basis.

Be sure about what occasion you are purchasing a gemstone, how you are going to use it, and most important of all, what’s your budget.

2. Colour Shade of The Gemstone 

One of the most attractive attributes of gemstones is their alluring, vibrant colour shades.

Usually, all gemstones have one primary colour known as the body colour. Over and above it, each gemstone differs across the shades that shine through its surface.

For instance, in opal jewelry, their exquisite play-of-colours can depict a wide range of colours across the spectrum.

For moonstone jewelry, a natural phenomenon of light and colours causes adularescence that lends a blue hue effect amid the glow of light.

Each gemstone differs across the depth of the colour tone, brightness, colours across the spectrum, etc.

Just keep in mind that the colour shouldn’t be too dull or dark. 

3. The Clarity level of the Gemstones

Clarity varies significantly across gemstone jewelry, from completely transparent to opaque.

Exception cases exist. Like in the case of black opals. Due to its dark lustre, an opaque surface goes perfectly.

However, the more the transparent surface, the better the quality of the gemstone jewelry. You should also keep in mind that highly transparent gemstones jewelry is very much rare, and exquisite too.

In a nutshell, the more transparent the gemstone, the more flawless it will appear flawless.

Just ensure that it should not have cloudy or blurry clarity. If such, it’s probably a fake one.

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4. Cut off the Gemstone

The cut of the gemstone also plays a crucial role in bringing out its brilliance and beauty of the gemstone.

Soft gemstone jewelry like Sterling Silver Jewelry and Moonstone are quite mouldable and can be easily given multiple shapes like heart-shaped, rounded shape, or even stars and moon-shape.

So, if you are planning to give a heart-shaped ring to your better half, go for a beautiful moonstone ring. 

5. Carat Weight 

One of the most important factors that contribute towards the quality of the tone jewelry.

While finalizing any piece, whether it’s an opal ring or a set of larimar jewelry, the overall weight of the gemstone should be given priority over its overall size.

The reason is quite simple. Gemstone globally carries a worth for their weight, not their size.

Fake gemstones can be a piece of colossal stone and could be completely hollow from within.

More dense gemstones, having an alluring colour tone and transparent surface are quite rare to find. If you come across it, quickly grasp it.

6. Enhancements Added

Nowadays, to make gemstones even more alluring and stupendous, some enhancements are added as a final touch.

In no way or the other, do these enhancements deteriorate the authenticity of the gemstone. This is because they are like an additional colour-topping or protection. 

For instance, opal doublets and triplets can be cited as the most suitable example in this regard.

That additional backing does not degrade the worth of the opal, it only adds stability to that opal ring.

Some gemstones are treated with universal enhancements that will not require any special care or treatment. 

7. The credibility of the Seller

Last but not the least, you should ensure to purchase gemstone jewelry from a trusted and reliable seller.

In such a case, not only will you be able to choose from amongst a myriad of types and patterns, but you can also avail of the best prices.

After all, authenticity and credibility are all that matter in the market.

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