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Kiran Rao On Aamir Khan’s Star Power: “I Use Him Shamelessly”

Kiran Rao On Aamir Khan's Star Power: "I Use Him Shamelessly"
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Presently, Aamir Khan and his ex-wife, filmmaker Kiran Rao, are busy promoting her upcoming film, Laapataa Ladies. Produced by Aamir and Kiran together, the comedy-drama will open in theatres on March 1. Kiran was open about how “Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist” was interested in acting in her movie before it was released. The movie is co-produced by Aamir Khan Productions and Kindling Productions.

Kiran Rao, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, revealed that Aamir Khan wanted to act in the film.

He (Aamir Khan) wanted to play Inspector, Ravi Kishan’s character. And you know he would have been great. Honestly, it would have made a huge difference in the box office and all the rest of it. So in many ways, I keep being asked, ‘Arey aapne Aamir Khan ko nahi liya? [You didn’t cast Aamir Khan]?’ So it is true.

Kiran Rao stated

Kiran Rao also shared the reason for not choosing Aamir Khan for the role and said, She was confused as Aamir is a great actor and “he would put bums on seats, as they call it.”  She further added that his being a superstar would change the perception and expectation of the film. The character’s beauty is unpredictable, and it is difficult to know its next move. According to her, Aamir Khan would have put a lot of pressure on the character. Also, she felt Ravi Kishan was a perfect fit, and he is very real in that space. 

When asked about how she uses Aamir Khan’s star power to promote her films, Kiran Rao confessed, “I fully use him. I vasoolo his star power, wherever I can. I am like ‘You are here please stand and give us three pictures’. Yeah, we have a small film. I really need to do everything I can to tell people ‘Bhaiya pehli March ko arahi hai. Dekhiye Aamir Khan ne banayi hai. Inki film hai. Aayiye dekhiye ‘ So you know, I use him shamelessly.” She said she promoted the film by saying that it was made by Aamir Khan. It is hitting the theatres on March 1. She further requested the audience to watch it. Kiran fully utilises Aamir Khan’s fame to promote her movies.

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