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List Of Electric Material Handling Products For All Warehousing Needs

List Of Electric Material Handling Products For All Warehousing Needs

Ensuring order in warehouse operations is the main focal point of most material handling solutions. Most warehouse operators still need help streamlining business operations, especially larger ones that need multiple types of equipment for handling different loads. The ongoing campaigns for sustainable operations call for environmentally friendly equipment with a lower carbon footprint. 

Finding the right machinery makes all the difference in streamlining operations. Currently, there is more electric equipment for handling various warehouse materials. 

Here is a list of the most-effective electric material handling equipment for warehouses:

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts operate using heavy-duty built-in batteries that also counterbalance weight. These batteries increase efficiency and productivity by mobilizing warehouse processes. They are zero-emission equipment and can maintain a conducive environment for employees in the warehouse.

The batteries on electric forklifts are either lithium-ion or lead-acid depending on equipment specification. With innovative operation technologies, these powerful forklifts maneuver better in tight spaces.

Electric Pallet Jacks

Electric pallet jacks are less-bulky than standard pallet jacks and are best suited for light material handling duties on limited warehouse floor space. They are highly maneuverable in tighter spaces requiring constant transportation of pallets.

Although these pallet jacks suit lighter applications, the reinforced steel frames give them a rugged look. The mode of operation differs between electric jacks and manual ones because electric jacks have an operable lift for raising and lowering pallets. They also have emergency buttons to avoid collisions and accidents common in warehouses.

Electric Pallet Stackers

Electric pallet stackers are equipment used in warehouses to stack loads in higher storage spaces. They are efficient handling solutions for limited warehouse movements. They are versatile for various warehouse operations due to their conformity with narrower floor spaces.

Their reach is limited to 3.6 meters above the ground, inconveniencing higher storage solutions. Electric pallet stackers are also available in multiple configurations. Some have a platform for the operator to stand on during operations. The others are small-sized and are operable by hand for hauling goods over short distances.

Electric Order Pickers

Electric order pickers are ideal solutions for retrieving goods from racks. These vehicles have narrow frames for easy turning on the warehouse floors. They minimize rack impact when picking loads with the rail guidance systems. Since these pickers extend up to 9.6 meters high, the heavy gauge steel and inner beams stabilize the mast to prevent swaying.

The battery is a counterbalance to ensure proper handling of loads above 1 tonne. For precise picking of bulky orders, the mast gives unobstructed views for precise positioning of the folks allowing operators to confidently work when placing goods on racks higher up the racking system.

Electric Reach Trucks

Electric reach trucks borrow the same working mechanisms as standard forklifts. They mostly work for loading and unloading pallets from double-deep racking systems. They have pantographic fork designs that move forward for loading double-deep racks.

Their ability to reach higher racks makes them the desirable solution for maximizing storage space and increasing ROI. The robust construction of modern reach trucks is suitable for raising pallets weighing over 2 tons to heights over 11 meters. The electric operation also maximizes efficiency by increasing the maximum height by over 25%.

Advantages Of Electric Material Handling Products

1. Warehouse Noise Control

Electric material handling equipment is quieter than internal combustion engines. They maintain a conducive environment for general warehouse operations, making it easier for operators to take instructions and communicate in a quiet work area. By reducing warehouse noise, operators and other employees will experience fewer headaches, fatigue, and stress.

2. Ergonomic Designs

Modern electric forklifts, reach trucks and pallet stackers have fewer components than their traditional counterparts. Such configurations are great for improving safety, health, and comfort standards. Operators can use this equipment for long hours without feeling exhausted, reducing downtime.

3. Environmentally Friendly

As more warehouses aim to reduce their carbon footprint, this is the right time for electric handling equipment powered by Ryobi 40V battery. Warehouses operate daily, with some using the same equipment over 24 hours. Using electric equipment powered by a Ryobi 40V battery reduces carbon emissions, ensuring environmentally friendly operations. Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, such as the Ryobi 40V battery, are rechargeable and can improve energy efficiency by 30%.

4. Versatile Operations

Electric warehouse equipment is smaller than internal combustion equipment with huge engines. These zero-emission vehicles can easily ride through narrow warehouse aisles while carrying tons of load. The smaller chassis makes turning much easier in tight storage spaces.

Forklift manufacturers in India build versatile equipment for both outdoor and indoor use. The rugged construction with higher ground clearance allows the loading and unloading of goods on rougher surfaces within the warehouses.

Any warehouse looking to transform its fleet must consider upgrading to electric material handling equipment. Besides the numerous environmental benefits, they also save time and resources for maintenance. They have fewer components and are easier to repair, and the internal batteries can last many cycles before replacement. Contact a material handling equipment manufacturer to access machines suited for your warehouse operations.

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