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London’s Iconic Music History: The City’s Most Legendary Concerts Revealed

The UK has seen an uncountable amount of musical success from across the world, and through all genres. For such a small country, it has an immense amount of talent. Focusing on London alone, the music scene has been legendary. 

To wrap our heads around why the UK and London have produced so many amazing concerts, we talked to Sammie Ellard-King, Marketing Director of Amazing Grace.

Expert Opinion

Ellard-King explained that “The United Kingdom might be a small country compared to giants like America, but it is a diverse one. Think of the accents alone. Moving just 10 miles East and you’ll stumble across a new accent with a new culture and a new outlook on life.

This ever-changing land allows musicians to swap ideas and styles a lot faster and easier than in other countries. The music scene in London is different again. Artists in this city don’t try to look elsewhere for approval. They aren’t trying to find a large crowd, instead, they are trying to find their people.

This creates a drive for the community which in turn creates songs and music with real depth and meaning.”

Because London produces so many amazing concerts, it can be easy to forget the legends among the stars. Here are the most legendary concerts ever played in London.

The Beatles – Rooftop of Apple Crops Offices

The year was 1969, and the night was cold. On January 30th, the Beatles played their last-ever gig as a full set.

Performing on top of the Apple Corps Office, the legendary band wasn’t even performing for a real audience. They didn’t charge tickets, they told no one about the event beforehand.

They simply wanted to play, and they wanted to enjoy their music. 

People started crowding around the streets, as the band played 9 takes of a 5-song-set.

Eventually, the police came and asked the stars to turn the volume down. What a night.

Lauren Hill – Brixton Academy

From an unusual scene to a romantic and demanding presence. Lauren Hill played for the Brixton Academy in 1999. She was an underdog playing soulful and rich music at a time when Hip Hop wasn’t appreciated for its talent.

Lauren Hill changed the game. She didn’t just perform for her audience, she took their breath away. Genuine tears fell from the audience’s cheeks, as love, life, and togetherness came through in her music.

Lauren Hill was the first Hip Hop artist to win the Album of the Year award at the Grammys. And for this performance, she became the first woman to take home 5 Grammy awards in a single night.

That performance was one that no one will forget. 

Lady Gaga – O2 Arena

Gaga has had some fantastic performances in her career but nothing can beat her 2010 O2 Arena show. During this tour, Gaga became bored with her own stunts.

Sure everyone who saw her performance thought it was amazing, but for her, she had done it too many times.

By the time she reached the O2 Arena, she had changed the script. The set itself was created in 4 weeks, and yet by the time she reached London, it was different again.

Now it has 15 costume changes and ridiculous props such as a Rolls Royce on stage, and that doesn’t even touch on the songs and dancing.

This was Gaga’s entrance into the World, and she wanted to ensure she was known. How could we forget?

Amazing Grace

Of course, how could we mention the best concerts in London’s history without touching on the small scenes? The best shows are arguably the ones that no one knows about.

Amazing Grace is the home of live music. You can see all types of outstanding and unknown artists in the historical buildings of London Bridge.

Bands like The Distractions and Ekkstacy are making moves in their niches and creating stellar performances that you’ll never see again.

Final Thoughts

If you’re heading to London to watch a show, you should search for local live music clubs too. Either before or after your mainstay, get tickets for these undercover shows and see what London’s real music scene looks like

This is where music lives and breathes, where changes are made, inspiration strikes, and lives are lived.

Places like Amazing Grace have live music every night, and they are ready to wow away the crowd with new concepts and throwbacks. 

London has an iconic music history and it all comes from music venues allowing each other to explore.

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