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Looking for Alternatives to Video-Sharing Apps? Check Out These Top Picks

Looking for Alternatives to Video-Sharing Apps? Check Out These Top Picks
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Are you on the hunt for some unique yet creative video-sharing apps? Well, your search ends here! With this article, check out the finest option for video-sharing apps.

After the prohibition of the infamous Chinese app, TikTok in countries like India and Canada, Instagram reels have been named as the most popular video-sharing app. Additionally, with the immediate action against TikTok owing to India’s privacy issue, more than two-thirds of Indian users voted that they have turned to an alternative app that is Indian or non-Chinese in origin, according to a survey done by YouGov.

Meanwhile, as reels gained popularity among netizens, many companies have rolled out video-sharing apps that offer a variety of creative tools and features, including the ability to share them on both Instagram and Facebook. With these, check out some of the innovative video-sharing apps that helps in sharing engaging and entertaining short-form videos with a wider audience:

Instagram Reels

One of the most infamous alternatives to TikTok introduced in the market was Instagram reels. Reels were introduced in India only 10 days after the ban of the Chinese app, TikTok. Meanwhile, this feature was initially rolled out in Brazil, Germany, France, and later in India.

How To Use It?

Reels are the most convenient way to share your personalised short videos with your friends and followers. All you need to do is record it and edit 60-second multi-clip videos with the available audio, effects, and newly introduced creative reel features. And, you’re good to go! Share them with your friends on their feeds. And, if you have a public account, your reels would be accessible to every Instagram user including your followers.

YouTube Shorts

Another popular short video-sharing alternative is YouTube shorts. Initially introduced in India in 2020, this YouTube feature has been enormously used by netizens especially vloggers and social media influencers. Meanwhile, it has the same features as Instagram reels. Moreover, similar to the Chinese app TikTok, YouTube Shorts tend to consume a significant portion of an individual’s free time.

How to Use It?

Just like Instagram reels, you can earn money by making YouTube shorts and reaching a million users through it. Just log in with your YouTube account and go into the YouTube short option to create a video of your choice with suitable edits and audio. And finally, you’re good to go. Moreover, share it on your main channel or the YouTube shorts account to gain subscribers.

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Recently rolled out in the video-sharing market, VotTak can be a preferred choice among video-sharing apps. Additionally, compatible with every social media user, this mobile video platform shows you the wittiest and most relatable content. Not only this, but VotTak has a unique feature that adapts your interest to show you worthy content.

How to Use It?

With editing features similar to other video-sharing apps, all you need to go into is the create option and you will be able to access all the edit features that you need. You can choose your choice of video length and share it on the app’s feed. Not only this, but VotTak allows you to share your content on Facebook and Instagram. Interesting. Isn’t it?


Introduced in 2019, Likee is a Singaporean short-video creation and sharing app. Moreover, with the visual effects, including 4D magic and dynamic stickers, this app is popular among users for short video editing and sharing. Additionally, individuals can use these apps not only for editing but also for remixing their go-to videos to create unique content.

How to Use It?

Likee is one of the convenient video-sharing apps. Meanwhile, all you need is to go to the editing option where you’ll find all the other edits and features you are looking for. With easily augmented reality effects, you can turn your content into a unique video. Meanwhile, with easily augmented reality effects, your content can be transformed into a unique video.

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