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Maharashtra: 2 Hospitalised, 1300 Reported Sick Following Their Visit to Newly Inaugurated Atal Setu

Maharashtra: 2 Hospitalised, 1300 Reported Sick Following Their Visit to Newly Inaugurated Atal Setu
Atal Setu

Following the much-talked-about inauguration at the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, more than 1300 people out of more than one lakh attendees reported being sick due to dehydration and headache after exposure to heat for long hours, according to reports by Raigad District Health Officials. Talking about the inauguration, on January 12, 2024, PM Modi held India’s Longest Sea Bridge and addressed a public gathering in Navi Mumbai.

However, soon after its inauguration, a large crowd gathered to hold a glimpse and visit the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link. While following the visit, Raigad district civil surgeon Dr Nitin Deomane on Saturday claimed that more than 1300 people claimed to feel sick.

It is expected that some people may fall sick when such huge events are organised. If 1-2 percent of the people attending such open-door events face some inconvenience such as dehydration, headache, nauseating feelings etc, it is considered normal in our field.” said Dr Nitin Deomane about the matter.

Among the 1300 people who were reported to fall sick after they visited the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, two people were admitted to the hospital and were discharged the next day.

Further talking about the incident, Dr Deomane said that the district administration and the state disaster had taken the most precautions, including the arrangement of ambulances, and extra beds in the hospital, and all medical officers were on duty to look at the precautionary measures.

We could medically treat everyone properly. Two persons were admitted to a hospital and discharged on the next day.” said the medical professional while talking about the incident.

On the other hand, a senior official from Maharashtra District Management stated that people who complained of dehydration were instantly provided with ORS Water, glucose, and light food to make their health better.

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