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MG Power India’s First Ever Off-Grid Solar-EV Charging Station with BatX Energies

MG Powers India’s First Ever Off-Grid Solar-EV Charging Station with BatX Energies
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MG Motor India has announced a collaboration with BatX Energies for India’s first-ever off-grid solar EV station. This product uses second-life or reused MG EV batteries. Notably, this method is a step towards creating a more sustainable guide to charging electronic vehicles. This initiative, taken by BatX Energies in collaboration with MG Motor, is supported by Delhi Research Implementation and Innovation. According to a press release, the product is now in its industrialisation stage.

With the help of this innovation, the electronic vehicle charging station will be used to charge both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. One off-grid solar EV charging station was inaugurated at an IIT Delhi event on February 8, 2024. Besides, these charging stations are independently operational and do not require any external energy sources. This innovation aims to decrease consumers’ dependence on conventional charging methods and focuses on reducing carbon emissions.

Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director of MG Motor India, stated that this initiative will have a positive impact on environmental conditions. He also said that this partnership with BatX Energies aligns with their vision to create a greener and healthier society. Vikrant Singh, the co-founder of BatX Energies, also said that this collaboration has marked an important milestone for a sustainable society. As per several reports, he said,

This second-life battery storage system, starting at 20 kWh and scalable up to 100 kWh, supported by 6.6 kW of solar power, signifies a transformative shift in energy solutions. Generating approximately 40 kWh daily, which is equivalent to 40 units.

MG Motor India is one of the most popular EV manufacturers in India. With their existing collection, such as the Comet EV and the ZS ES, the manufacturer aims to launch more models on the market. Moreover, the company has more than 15,000 charging points all over the country. Their partner, BatX Energies, aims to reach zero emissions in the country by 2070, as they have been consistently using eco-friendly technologies.

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