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Davos 2024: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Praises This Newly-Launched Device, Compares With Steve Jobs iPhone Launch

Davos 2024: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Praises This Newly-Launched Device, Compares With Steve Jobs iPhone Launch

At a conference in Davos 2024, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, went on to appreciate the newly-launched Rabbit R1 Demo; the device was introduced at CES 2024. Meanwhile, Nadella said that he counts Rabbit R1 as the most innovative device only after Steve Jobs’s iPhone after it was launched for the first time.

I thought the demo of the Rabbit OS and the device was fantasticâ€æI I must say, after Jobs and the launch of the iPhone, probably one of the most impressive presentations I’ve seen.” says Satya Nadella to Bloomberg.

Later, Nadella went on to speak about the rise of AI in the current era. He highlighted the evolving nature of technology with the emergence of more potent models and products.

I think that’s what everybody is looking for. Which device will make it and so on is unclear. If you have a breakthrough in the natural interface where this idea that you have to go one app at a time and all of the cognitive load is with you as a human, does seem like there can be a real breakthrough” added Nadella.

What is the Rabbit R1 Device?

A newly introduced device, Rabbit R1 is making rounds on the Internet. Introduced by an AI startup, Rabbit, it was launched during the CES Event 2024. Nevertheless, for those who are unversed, it is not a regular phone and can be specifically called a dedicated assistant powered by Artificial intelligence. Additionally, this device is specially designed to simplify tasks without the distractions of a typical smartphone.

Owing to its GPT power and its uniqueness from regular phones, Rabbit R1 sold more than 10,000 on its first day of introduction. In conclusion, Rabbit R1 is the manufacturer’s effort to provide a smarter and simpler way to carry out tasks. Hence, it was also an attempt to stand out in the world of smartphones.

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