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From Runway to Skyway: A Roadmap to Becoming an Air Hostess

How to Become An Air Hostess? Steps, Eligibility & Requirements

According to several surveys, a career as an “Air Hostess” has become one of the most opted stints in India as well as globally. Along with the glamour factor, Air Hostess gives you an almost endless opportunity to satisfy your inner “travel freak” and discover and interact with different kinds of people across the globe.

However, the process of becoming an air hostess can be time-consuming; nevertheless, results in the best career option globally. So, if you are also dreaming to off-limit yourself in the sky with the best interactive experiences, read our detailed guide on “How to Become an Air Hostess?”

What Are the Qualifications Needed For Becoming an Air Hostess?

If you are interested in aviation; but however, not sure about the air hostess qualifications, read this.

  • Primarily, to be a part of the aeroplane crew, you should have completed and have successfully cleared your senior secondary education. Hence, that means, a clearance of 10 +2 examinations.
  • Meanwhile, if you have concerns like whether “Can I Become an Air Hostess after the 10th?”, you cannot. The minimum requirement for joining aviation is a “Higher Secondary Education” certificate.
  • However, soon after completing your senior secondary examination, you can prepare for entrance examinations like AIAEE, NCHMCT JEE, and AEEE among others to get into the top aviation colleges.
  • Besides, to become an air hostess, one can choose any subject in 10+2.

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How to Become Air Hostess After 12th or Higher Secondary Education?

  • If you are done with your 12th examination, you can opt for a diploma in aviation. Sources say that students with a diploma or an undergraduate degree are preferred by airline companies for hiring across various positions as air hostesses.
  • Subsequently, after the 12th, candidates clear an entrance degree and complete a three-year graduation degree.
  • Meanwhile, after pursuing an undergraduate degree, a candidate can enrol themselves for several airline courses after graduation. Moreover, the list includes a Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety, a Certified Associate in Hospitality Management, etc from the Institute.
How to Become An Air Hostess? Steps, Eligibility & Requirements
Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

What is the Maximum Air Hostess Age Limitations?

According to the Domestic/International aviation regulations, the minimum age to be qualified in the air hostess criteria is 17, while the maximum age is 26 (27 in some cases). However, the age is solely based on your birth and other citizenship Identity proofs.

Minimum Requirements of Air Hostess Height

Along with the minimum age requirement of 18-26 years, the minimum height requirement for becoming an air hostess is 5’ 2” or 157 cm. Nevertheless, according to the sources, many airlines have set the minimum height bar as 5’ 0”.

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A Complete Set of AirHostess Qualifications for Girl

For stepping into the allured world of the aviation industry and air hostess, you should be,

  • Completed 10+2 or equivalent from an approved or esteemed institution.
  • Nevertheless, candidates who haven’t completed high school have the mandatory requirements to go for a GED test, commonly abbreviated as the General Educational Development Test.
  • An undergraduate degree in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism is preferred
  • Basic computer skills and maths competency can be a cherry on the top for aviation aspirants
  • Conversational English skills. Meanwhile, multilingual individuals with knowledge of international languages are given preference.
  • Candidates must undergo and have successfully cleared 3 to 6 weeks of the training program at the base location confined to the particular airline.
  • Following the completion of the formal training program, you will gain certification and licence from an authorised body regulating all aspects of civil aviation in a particular country like the FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration) in the USA.


Air Hostess, being the most preferable career for women, requires a certain skill set and hard work. Meanwhile, if you are one of the aviation aspirants, make sure to enhance your personality from a young age while putting up a skill set like fluent English and multiple languages knowledge.

Initially, there were unrealistic expectations and poor beauty standards for this course. However, with the evolution of time, Air Hostess preferred to be bold and outspoken rather than setting some “unrealistic beauty expectations.” Meanwhile, for a complete knowledge of “How to Become an Air Hostess” read our guide.

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