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Netflix’s Dark Desire: Will It Be Renewed for a Season 3 or Cancelled?

Netflix’s Dark Desire: Will It Be Renewed for a Season 3 or Cancelled?
Credit: Netflix

With over a year passing since season 2 and no news, will Dark Desire be renewed for season 3 or is there a potential cancellation? Read to learn more!

The prospect of Dark Desire season 3 remains uncertain as the passage of time and lack of updates cast doubt on its continuation. Following a two-year wait for season 2 after the first installment, it has now been over a year with no indication of a third season. Given the prolonged silence, coupled with modest viewership numbers, speculation arises that Dark Desire might have silently met its end.

Dark Desire, a Netflix original Mexican series created by Leticia López Margalli, was a major hit on the OTT giant.

The second season of Dark Desire marked a notable improvement over its predecessor. The show’s ability to show an excellent storyline remains its strongest point.

When is Dark Desire Season 3 coming?

Regarding the possibility of Dark Desire’s return for season 3, Netflix’s official stance remains “cancelled” as of February 2022. Season two premiered on the streaming platform on February 22, 2022. Meanwhile, despite the passage of more than one year, there has been no word about its future.

Neither Netflix nor Argos Comunicación, the production company, provided comments regarding the show’s future. Meanwhile, the absence of a Season 3 renewal might stem from the show’s limited viewership and relative lack of popularity, especially in English-speaking regions like the US and UK. Despite being briefly titled the most-watched non-English title on Netflix, the series ended with cancellation.

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Dark Desire Season 3 Cast

Although Dark Desire was already limited to two seasons, fans might speculate on a miraculous season 3. However, that would demand a higher level of anticipation from fans. Meanwhile, if we get season 3, we can see a repetition of the cast. Additionally, the cast includes:

  • Maite Perroni plays Alma Quintana Solares, a former lawyer and college professor who begins the affair with Daro behind her family’s back.
  • Erik Hayser plays Esteban Solares, a former police officer and Leonardo’s brother, Zoe’s uncle, and Alma’s ex-brother-in-law.
  • Alejandro Speitzer plays Darío Guerra, a college student and mechanic who attends Alma’s class and starts to fall in love with her.
  • María Fernanda Yepes plays Brenda Castillo (season 1), Alma’s best friend who has recently gone through a divorce. She committed suicide by cutting her wrists, opening a case in which Daro, Leonardo, and Esteban were suspects of Brenda’s apparent murder due to their connection to her.
  • Regina Pavón plays Zoe Solares, Alma and Leonardo’s rebellious daughter and Esteban’s niece, who is struggling with her sexuality.
  • Jorge Poza as Leonardo Solares, a highly respected former judge and Alma’s ex-husband, Esteban’s brother, and Zoe’s father
  • Catherine Siachoque as Lys Antoine (season 2), Daro’s aunt and foster mother who had a sexual relationship with him
  • Arturo Barba as Íñigo Lazcano (season 2), a lawyer and Julieta’s father
  • Ariana Saavedra plays Julieta Lazcano (season 2), Daro’s fiancée, who turns up dead the day before their wedding.

Is there a trailer for Dark Desire Season 3?

Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of Dark Desire season 3 soon after the season 2 premiere, fans couldn’t get any trailers. However, if the series gets back for a third season, we can witness a much-anticipated trailer by next year. Meanwhile, you can watch Dark Desire Season 2 on YouTube.

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