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Netflix’s Sweet Home Season 2: Renewed, Bibi Left, And Everything Else We Know

Netflix’s Sweet Home Season 2: Renewed, Bibi Left, And Everything Else We Know

Within three days of its release, Season 1 of the apocalyptic horror South Korean drama series scored first place in the top 10 in eight territories on Netflix. The series reached the top ten in 42 territories. The series was seen by 22 million paid subscribers globally. Despite this success, it took Netflix 18 months to renew it. We have documented what we know about the production stage.

After a long wait of 18 months, Netflix has renewed Sweet Home for the next two seasons. The platform announced that the sequels are under development. The series is adapted from a webtoon comic written by Yongchan Hwang with the same name. Studio Dragon, who is responsible for making some popular K-Dramas like Love Alarm, Crash Landing on You, and My Holo Love, is producing the series.

Sweet Home Season 2 renewal status

Official Status: Renewed (Updated on: December 31st, 2022)

It’s been eighteen months since the first season of Sweet Home was released. Ultimately, Netflix announced the renewal of the series for two consecutive seasons. The series is currently in production. In March 2022, Song Kang’s manager confirmed the series’ production via a tweet. There was some debate over the validity of the photos, but who cares, the series is coming back after all.

Sweet Home Season 2 Cast

The cast members from Season 1, except Bibi, are returning to reprise their respective roles. BIBI (Kim Hyun-seo) has withdrawn from the role due to scheduling conflicts. A new actor will replace him.

Another returning cast is

Song Kang will play Cha Hyun-Su

Lee Jin-Wook will play Pyeon Sang-Wook

Go Min-Si will play Lee Eun-Yu

Lee Si-young will play Seo Yi-Kyung

Park Gyuyoung will play Yoon Ji-Su

Kim Guk-Hee will play Son Hye-In

Woo Jung-Kook will play Kang Seung-Wan

Lee Do-Hyun will play Lee Eun-Hyeok

Su-Hyung Im will play  No Byeong-Il

Lee Joon-Woo will play Ryu Jae-Hwan

Kim Hee-Jung will play Cha Jin-Ok

Victoria Grace will play Ji-Eun

Keong Sim will play Du-Sik

Tohoru Masamune will play Hyun-Su’s Father

Stephanie Komure will play Seon-Yeong

Harrison Xu will play Eun-hyeok Lee

Nicole Fong will play Myeong-Suk

Remington Hoffman will play Do-Hun

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Sweet Home Season 2 release date

The official release date is yet to be announced by Netflix. However, we can predict the release date by analyzing past patterns.

Season 1 shooting began in June 2019 and went on till February 2020 and the show was released in December 2020. With this calculation, the shooting of season 2 started in June 2022 and may go on till February 2023. Accordingly, we may have to wait till December 2023 to finish the post-production. With that said, we can see Sweet Home Season 2 in late 2023 or early 2024.


Is Sweet Home getting a season 2?

The apocalyptic horror drama series is renewed for two consecutive seasons. Sweet Home is coming with season 2 anywhere in late 2023 or early 2024.

Who will be the cast of Sweet Home season 2?

All the cast from Sweet Home Season 1 is returning to reprise their respective roles except BIBI. BIBI has left her role due to a conflict in dates.

Is the Sweet Home series finished?

Is Kang not in Sweet Home 2?