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Renee Sen: The Star Kid Who Deserves To Be Seen More

Renee Sen: The Star Kid Who Deserves To Be Seen More
Credit: Renee Sen at Instagram

Renee Sen, 23, is an Indian actress who primarily works in the Hindi entertainment industry. She is the adopted elder daughter of the former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen.

Everyone knows about the gorgeous Sushmita Sen. However, only a few know about her daughter, Renee Sen. She was born in Mumbai, and like her mother, she is in love with acting, and wants to build her career around it. However, only a few know about her adoption story. Sushmita has been advised to disclose Renee’s biological parents after she turns eighteen. Sushmita also offered Renee to set up a meeting with her birth parents; however, she refused to meet them.

Renee, A Pampered Child in Sen’s Home

It won’t be wrong to say that baby girls always rule the home. And the same is the case in Sen’s family. After Renee became a part of Sushmita’s family in 2000, the family showered immense love on their daughter.

In Renee’s extended family, she has her younger sister, Alisah, and her beautiful mother, Sushmita Sen. Besides, her maternal grandparents are Shubeer Sen and Subhra Sen.

A Psychology Student: Know More About Her Education

After completing her schooling at Singapore International School, Mumbai, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology. Reports say that, from a young age, Renee has been inclined toward acting, and her favorite actor is none other than Sushmita Sen.

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Renee Made Her Acting Debut in 2021

Renee made her acting debut with her short film, Suttabaazi. She was last seen in a short film, Dramayama. The film, Suttabaazi, garnered a lot of critical acclaim and was screened on the Bandra Film Festival’s YouTube channel. In an interview, Renee talked about choosing the acting path and starting her career in Bollywood. She shared that it has been the easiest journey. However, she has learned a lot from her mother, Sushmita Sen, and she wants to showcase the same through her work.

Renee Sen: The Star Kid Who Deserves To Be Seen More
Credit: Renee Sen at Instagram

Some Lesser Known Facts About Renee Sen

  • Of her passion for acting, she is in acting coaching. Nevertheless, she said that she is not planning to join any acting schools in the near future.
  • In an interview, she expressed her wish to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a famous film director.
  • Among Renee’s mother’s works, her favorite is the web series Aarya.
  • Her favourite food is Sushi and her favourite cuisine includes Thai, Mexican, and Indian.


1. How Old was Renee when she was adopted?

 Renee was adopted soon after her birth by the former Miss World, Sushmita Sen.

2. Does Sushmita Sen have a biological child? 

Sushmita never got married. Nevertheless, she adopted two girl children, Renee in 2000 and Alisah in 2010

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