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Rohan Murty Bio: Net Worth, Career, Education, and More!

Rohan Murty Bio: Net Worth, Career, Education, and More!

In 1983, Rohan Murty was born in Hubbali, Karnataka and is now 40 years old (as of 2023). He has an impressive educational background. Rohan was a junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows. Not stopping there, Murty also founded both the Murty Classical Library of India and Soroco, a digital transformation company. Soroco specializes in automation using artificial intelligence sources.

Rohan Murty Net Worth

On December 31st, 2022, Rohan Murty’s public shareholdings were documented to be worth over Rs. 9,430 Cr with a single stock. We can expect that he has the same net worth as of February 2023.

About Rohan Murty

Murty is the son of two outstanding people, N. R. Narayana Murthy, and Sudha Murty. His father is an engineer and the founder of Infosys. Rohan mother is a renowned author from India. His maternal uncle Shrinivas Kulkarni, a professor at the California Institute of Technology in astrophysics and planetary science was also an essential influence on his life as he grew up with a fascination for programming. To top that off, his elder sister Akshata Sunak is married to current UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Murty’s academic journey began at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School in Bangalore. After completing his high school board exams, he went to America and earned a Computer Science undergraduate degree from Cornell University. To further broaden his knowledge of computer engineering, Murty pursued a Ph.D. at Harvard University in 2011.

For his doctoral dissertation, he studied opportunistic wireless networks. These are networks that look for and utilize unused portions of the spectrum before vacating them if any other users enter. He earned a Siebel Scholars Fellowship and Microsoft Research Fellowship to help fund this research.

Personal Life of Rohan Murty

Murty married Lakshmi Venu in June 2011. Lakshmi is the daughter of the esteemed Venu Srinivasan, CEO of TVS Motors and Mallika Srinivasan, CEO of TAFE. However, the marriage did not last. Murty and Lakshmi divorced in 2015. In December 2019, Murty married Aparna Krishnan. Aparna is the daughter of K.R. Krishnan and Savithri Krishnan. K.R Krishnan is a former Indian Navy officer and Savithri Krishnan is a retired employee from State Bank Of India.

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Rohan Murty Corporate Career

In 2013, Murty was assigned as an executive assistant at the Chairman’s Office of Infosys. There Rohan Murty reported directly to Narayana Murthy. His appointment as Vice President had to be approved by the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs prior to taking effect. However, he parted ways with Infosys on 14 June 2014. He did this when his father officially resigned from the Executive Chairman position. 

Previously, Murty held an influential role with Catamaran Ventures, which is overseen by N.R.N. Murty. This venture capital fund flaunts assets totaling $127 million dollars in funding for investments opportunities across diverse industries and sectors.

Murty Classical Library

When Murty was a doctoral student of computer science at Harvard, he had the privilege to explore ancient Indian philosophy and sciences. It all happened through his classes on Kumarila Bhatta’s Shlokavartika. This was strangebecause he does not read Sanskrit. However, this experience piqued his interest in philosophical studies from India’s past.

Rohan Murty is the founder of The Murty Classical Library of India. It is a successor to the Clay Sanskrit Library Project led by Sheldon Pollock. In 2016, he rejected an appeal that requested for Pollock’s dismissal from his role as main editor of the Murty Classical Library.

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