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Sidharth Malhotra Says “Nothing Better Than A Man In Uniform”

Sidharth Malhotra Says “Nothing Better Than A Man In Uniform”

Sidharth Malhotra is all set for his action-thriller “Yodha” to be on the big screen. The actor has once again portrayed an army officer in the movie. “Yodha,”  written and directed by Sagar Ambre, is an aerial action-thriller based on a plain hijack. 

Video: Dharma Productions

Sidharth Malhotra recently visited the capital for the promotion of the movie. He was accompanied by his co-stars, Raashi Khanna and Disha Patani. Sidharth was questioned about the back to back release based on men-in-uniform.

Sidharth replied to the question and stated that

I think it just happened by chance (signing back-to-back patriotic films). I may be drawn a little more to the uniform, nothing looks better on a man than uniform regardless of any form of service in the country. This is a fictitious uniform so we’ve done the army, we’ve done the police, I have created my own Yodha unit so that I can wear another version of a uniform here.

The actor also outlined that the movie also depicts romance, despite its serious theme. He further added that

Yodha does have a hint of love story, as you can see in the trailer. It is not such a dry character but it is not a complete love story but we are right here, promoting a Dharma Productions film so maybe you should ask Mr Karan Johar when is he making his next romantic film for me to do.

“Yodha” is set to hit theatres on March 15, 2024. It is the first time Sidharth, Raashi and Disha are sharing screens with each other. The movie is produced by Dharma Productions and co-directed by Pushkar Ojha, apart from Sagar Ambre. Fans are excited for Sidharth’s fighting sequences that are shown in the trailer.

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