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Social Media Post Ideas for Accountants and Financial Entrepreneurs

Social Media Post Ideas for Accountants and Financial Entrepreneurs

Social media is one of the best marketing channels for accountants and financial entrepreneurs. It provides a platform where you can promote your business, connect and engage with potential clients, increase brand awareness, generate leads and grow your business. But, to succeed with social media, you need to be posting unique, fresh and relevant content frequently. And, coming up with enough content to post on social media can be a challenge to most people in this profession. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of five post ideas to help you maintain a strong social media presence, keep your audience engaged, and generate more leads.

Quick Tips and Tricks

Sharing quick tips and tricks is a great means of adding value to your audience on social media. Also, you will help them to overcome various finance-related or accounting-related issues they may be facing. Furthermore, you will establish yourself as an authority and trusted resource in your niche.

Perhaps you’ve learned a cool trick that you can do on Excel, which can save your target audience a considerable amount of time and effort. Or you may have come across a new accounting program or software, which can benefit your target clients considerably and simplify their lives.

Whatever tip or trick you may have come across, you just need to convert it into a post and share it on social media. However, you should remember that visual content performs better than plain text on social media. So, make sure you use an interesting branded video or a customized graphic when posting it on your various social media channels.

Behind the Scenes

Posting behind-the-scenes images or videos on social media provides a great means of giving your audience a closer look into your business. Through this type of content, your audience will get to know you on a personal level, meaning it will help to humanize your brand. Also, behind-the-scenes content will boost credibility and trust. It also demonstrates a commitment to authenticity and transparency.

And when it comes to behind-the-scenes content, you have plenty of options to explore. For instance, you can post a photo showcasing your team members, their names and the various roles they play in the firm. You can also post a video of your team engaging in a team-building activity or a community project.

By sharing this type of content regularly on your social media channels, you will generate more engagement, establish closer connections with potential clients and build trust. This will in turn lead to more sales and conversions as well as further growth for your accounting business.

Testimonials and Reviews

If you’ve been in business for a while, there’s a possibility you’ve been getting testimonials from satisfied clients. And, you can also convert these testimonials into social media posts.

Sharing positive testimonials on social media will help to inspire confidence and trust in your business. They are enough proof that your accounting services are exceptional. And, they will go a long way in attracting new clients.

When it comes to posting client testimonials and reviews, you can simply grab a screenshot of the page where the client has shared it and then post it as an image – with a relevant caption.

Alternatively, you can create an eye-catching graphic of the testimonial using tools like Canva. If the client has shared the testimonial on a platform like Instagram, you just need to re-share or repost it using Instagram Stories.

Industry News and Updates

There’s an endless supply of updates, alerts, news and information touching on the financial services industry. And, this information may touch on your clients, in one way or the other.

While your clients can get this news or information elsewhere, you should also be one of the go-to sources. So, whenever there’s an announcement, an update, an alert, or just anything relevant touching on the industry, you should share a link to your social media audience.

You can then add a call-to-action, requesting your audience to get in touch with your business, in case they need further clarification on the information or advice on the way forward.

With these types of posts, you will always keep your audience in the loop with any relevant news and information. And as you may expect, they will keep coming back for more, which provides more conversion opportunities. Besides, you will also position your business as experts in your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

The chances are you’ve been getting questions from your audience touching on various areas like tax and bookkeeping, setting up a firm, using a certain tool, choosing an accounting firm or just general business advice.

And, these questions can also form part of your social media content. You simply need to create a graphic with tools like Canva, featuring the questions and answers. Or, you can record a video answering these questions. Whichever method you choose, you will have yet another social media post to keep your audience engaged.

Summing It Up

The ideas that we’ve shared here should help you come up with fresh, engaging and relevant content for your social media channels. You then need to start monitoring how the different types of content are performing on social media. From there, you should be able to figure out the type of content to focus on moving forward.

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