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Sriharsha Majety’s Bio: The Man Behind Swiggy

Sriharsha Majety’s Bio: The Man Behind Swiggy
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Sriharsha Majety is an Indian entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Swiggy. Before the foundation of Swiggy, a food delivery platform, he co-founded Bundl and also worked as an associate at Nomura International’s offices in India and London.

Early Life and Family

Sriharsha Majety was born in 1988 (age 36 years; as of 2024) in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Born into an affluent family, Sriharsha Majety’s father owned a restaurant in Andhra Pradesh, while his mother was a doctor.


Soon after completing his higher secondary education in his native place, Andhra Pradesh, he relocated to Jaipur. Meanwhile, he attended Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani, where he pursued a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics. Soon after pursuing a Bachelor, he obtained a Master of Science in Physics at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he was always inclined towards entrepreneurship. Owing to his fascination, he pursued a postgraduate diploma in management at the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.


Early Career

  • Initially, Sriharsha Majety worked as an investment banker in London.
  • However, Majety’s fascination with exploring entrepreneurship brought him back to India.

The Foundation of Startup: Bundl

  • Soon after relocating to India, Sriharsha decided to work for a start-up. However, unable to find an early startup like he wanted, he decided to start his own.
  • As a result, Majety joined with his collegemate Nandan Reddy and discussed where they could start up.
  • As a consequence, in 2013, Bundl, a courier service aggregator, was founded.
  • However, with the with the lack of a tech co-founder and changing market dynamics, Bundl couldn’t make it even a year.

The Pivot: Swiggy

  • Following the failure of Bundl, Sriharsha Majety and his co-founder, Nandan Reddy, decided to pursue another venture.
  • The duo, Sriharsha Majety and Reddy, realised the emerging chances in hyper-local food delivery. And this is how Swiggy was born.
  • With the idea, Majety and Reddy realised a need for a tech co-founder. Owing to this, Rahul Janmini, an accomplished coder, joined them.
  • So, in 2014, they founded Swiggy and started operations out of a small office in Bangalore. Surprisingly, in 2015, Swiggy raised $2 million in their first funding round.
  • Meanwhile, in 2018, Swiggy gained the status of unicorn, and in 2024, it achieved the status of decacorn with a valuation of $10.7 billion.

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What is the net worth of Sriharsha Majety?

As of 2024, Sriharsha Majety has an estimated net worth of INR 14,000 crore (approximately). Besides, his co-founded company, Swiggy, has a valuation of $10.7 billion (over 87,500 crores). Additionally, Majety had a monthly salary of INR 3,000 as of 2019.

Sriharsha Majety: Personal Life

Sriharsha Majety entered into a marriage with Neetha. Meanwhile, in a media interaction, Sriharsha Majety and his wife mentioned that they were college sweethearts and had dated each other since their IIM days. Meanwhile, after dating for a long couple of years, the couple entered into a love marriage. Moreover, the couple was blessed with a baby in 2017.

Do You Know These Lesser-Known Facts About Sriharsha Majety?

  • Soon after pursuing his Masters at Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani, he enrolled himself in the CFA programme. However, he later realised that was not where his heart was.
  • Swiggy launched its services in Koramangala, Bengaluru, with 6 delivery partners and a total of 20 restaurants. The company actively recruited these partners and restaurants to join its platform. The delivery partners delivered the food orders to the customers while the restaurants prepared the food. 
  • Along with an excellent academic career, Majety was involved in several extra-curricular activities. In his university, he was an active member and co-ordinator of the first school’s department of photography.
  • While Majety was pursuing his formal education, he worked as a summer analyst between classes.
  • In his leisure time, he loves travelling. Not only this, he took six months just to travel through Europe and Asia on a small budget.
  • Additionally, Sriharsha Majety travelled from Portugal to Greece on a bicycle for just three months. He has travelled the world for one year, 2012–2013.