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Suhana Khan Wiki, Age, Height And Biography

Suhana Khan Wiki, Age, Height And Biography

Suhana Khan is in the news for their social media presence and her being the daughter of Shahrukh Khan. She started her Bollywood career with her film, which is yet to be released. The film is called “The Archies” and includes Khushi Kapoor, Vedang Raina, Agastya Raina and others. “The Archies” is expected to screen on an online platform named Netflix. Apart from the final release of her film, Suhana is expected to make her debut with a short film. This will be titled “The Grey Part of the Blue”. 

Suhana khan’s Family and boyfriends 

Khan’s birth took place in Mumbai in the year 2000. Suhana khan’s birthday and age in 2022 will be 22 years. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are her parents. Shahrukh Khan is her father, who is an esteemed Bollywood actor. At the same time, her mother, Gauri, designs the interior of real estate properties.  

Suhana is the middle one with two siblings. Aryan Khan is the eldest, while AbRam is the youngest of all. She is said to follow Islam as a religion. Apparently in 2022, Suhana will be single. Her father, Shahrukh Khan, is a strict dad. Hence, he is against any romantic relationship with Suhana khan.

Suhana khan’s Height and Weight for 2022 will be 56 kgs. Her height measurement will be 5 foot 4 inches. Both her eyes and hair colour are brown. She is trending on social media accounts owing to her beauty and other content. Her popularity has won her millions of followers on Instagram. 

Suhana Khan Wiki, Age, Height And Biography

Education and Career

Suhana has completed her high school in Mumbai. She studied at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Khan shifted out of India for further studies. The exact subject or course is unknown, although she completed her graduation in 2022 from Ardingly College located in England. After graduation, she enrolled in an acting training school in New York.  

 Even though she is academically strong but is inclined toward sports activities; football has been her favourite sport since her school days. Khan was also captain of the school football team under 14 years. Their passion for these sports has helped her win many accolades and awards. 

Other hobbies would include swimming, dancing, visiting places and others. Her food habits are normal like any other individual. Although, she loves eating non-vegetarian delicacies like her father. Even though she is not actively acting, she has made many public appearances. This would include TV shows, interviews, IPL and others. Her public appearances have made her a popular star kid in India and globally. 

Suhana won many competitions for her football team. Few people know that Suhana writes well and has won recognition for her skills. In the Katha National Story Writing Competition, she won a medal at a very young age. 

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Suhana Khan’s Net Worth 

Suhana khan’s net worth in 2022 is still not known. She is a student, but she is also not active in Bollywood. Suhana does not do any endorsement or modelling. Thus, income sources are not defined. Since she is the daughter of Sharukh Khan, her combined net worth will be $800 million. 

In Indian rupees, it is more than 5000 crores. She lives a lavish and royal lifestyle due to her parents. We cannot forget that she lives in Mannat, one of the most luxurious Indian homes. The collection of cars for the family includes Audi 6, BMW series, Bugatti, and Mitsubishi Pajero. From a very young age, she wore designer clothes and high-end brands.  

 Suhana Khan is the daughter of Shahrukh Khan and hence is very popular. Not much is known about income sources as she is still a student. 

Suhana Khan Wiki, Age, Height And Biography

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Suhana khan? 

 Suhana Khan is the younger daughter of popular actor Shahrukh Khan. She has made many public appearances since her childhood. Owing to this, she has a huge fan base. 

What is the net worth of Suhana Khan? 

Suhana Khan’s net worth is not disclosed publicly as her income sources are not defined. Although she lives a royal lifestyle being a star kid. 

What is Suhana Khan educational qualification?

The early years of her schooling were done at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. After which, her graduation is from England. Currently, she is studying an Acting as Training course in New York. 

Who are Suhana Khan family members?

Shahrukh Khan is her father, while Gauri is her mother. There is not much information on grandparents in public. She has two siblings, both are brothers. Aryan is the eldest of all, while AbRam is the youngest of all. Belonging to strict parents, Suhana has no permission for boyfriends. Hence, she is single

What are Suhana Khan hobbies? 

Suhana belongs to a showbiz family, but she is passionate about football. She was the captain of her school football team. Khan loves writing and has also won an award for the same. Apart from this, her hobbies include dancing, swimming, make-up, photography and others. 

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