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Everything You Wanted To Know About Vijay Mallya

Everything you wanted to know about Vijay Mallya

Who is Vijay Mallya?

Vijay Mallya is one of the most controversial Businessmen in India who has always been able to make the headlines. Vijay Mallya Biography  is considered part of the best business tycoons in India. He has been able to attract media attention at all points of time not only because of the assets which are subject to the financial charges of the government but also because of those assets which personally belong to him and continue to amaze most people. Vijay Mallya Height and weight is proportional. Vijay Mallya’s Birthday is on 25th September.

This is technically considered contradictory to each other because, on one hand, he is an insolvent bankrupt, and on the other hand, he still is the king of his ship. The type of assets that Vijay Mallya presently has properly made him known as the king of good times. But this is one of the most important aspects which has to be noted for the time being: what are the actual assets he presently owns? Vijay Mallya’s age in 2022 is 57 years.

Vijay Mallya Family was in the year of 2013 that the most prestigious magazine of Forbes, declared him to be in the top 50 billionaires of India at the rank of 45. But by the end of 2015, he was probably out of the list. The properties that constitute Vijay Mallya net worth in 2022 have been given in the following way. 

Houses and other properties

He has one of the best properties in the world in his account, which any bank or financial institution cannot even attach to recover the loans so far. One of the best properties he has is the White House in the sky, which is nothing but a penthouse Apartment on the 30-second floor of the KingFisher Towers in Bangalore. 

Net worth of Vijay Mallya has also included 10 Apartments in the tower solely for his family members. Not only this, but also he has got a huge piece of property in France across the bay Bridge. The value of the house in the year 1984 was 1.2 million dollars. Penthouse apartment in New York and a beautiful bungalow in South Africa across the beach. 

What is Vijay Mallya net worth in 2022 with respect to Islands?

This Businessman is considered a proper business tycoon who also owns the beautiful island of Sainte Marguerite in the city of Cannes. He has also purchased his Island in Monte Carlo and Mabula Game Lodge in South Africa. All of these are beautiful pieces of property and hence are considered the best one can have over time. 

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Jet plane collection

He has also been the owner of a couple of jet planes in his account, which include the Boeing 727 and Gulf Stream. But both of these assets have been confiscated by the government to recover the loans across which he has defaulted. 


He also owns a yacht called Indian Express with a helipad. It is a proper vintage yacht. 

Everything you wanted to know about Vijay Mallya


According to the sources, with the existing amount of properties he has and has leased, he can make up an annual income of 12 million dollars. It is amazing that a person who has been declared bankrupt still manages to earn 74 crores rupees every year, and despite that, he is not ready to pay for all the defaults he has made so far. This is technically considered one of the story’s most controversial aspects, which has not been solved for the time being. This is one of the most important aspects that must be considered before evaluating any other kind of property he has to his name. According to many resources Vijay Mallya net worth is around $1.2 Billion.

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Sports venture

He has been a successful Businessman who has developed a huge net worth over time. His net worth also includes many sports ventures he has initiated over the period. In a recent interview, he expressed his love for Sporting events, which is why he became the owner of the Indian Premier League for the team Royal challengers in Bangalore and East Bengal. He is also considered the owner of a Formula 1 team called Sahara Force India. 

He is one of the best personalities who have achieved a lot in his life, and he is probably the most deserving candidate for investment in Sporting events.  The answer to the question as to Vijay Mallya loan from which bank is SBI, PNB and ICICI. 


The collection of all the factors mentioned above together makes up his net worth, which is still considered to be a lot more than expected. This is one of the most amazing aspects of his property evaluation because nobody would have ever expected a bankrupt to have so much to his account that amazes a lot of people. This is one of the most amazing factors and it has been able to always keep him in the highlights. Where is Vijay Mallya now cannot be answered properly.